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windows-mobileHello all tech hungry guys, if you are having to much traffic waste in searching best applications for your new windows mobile based Smart Phone. Stop wondering here are the best of them to install for your mobile. As I am also known of the great features of windows mobile because of my HP IPAQ 512. I am sharing you those application without which I can’t live with fun and comfort. These software will work on almost all branded smart-phone with windows mobile 5.0 or 6.0. bundled like HP , Motorola, Sony Erection etc.

  1. Google Map : This is the application to keep the whole world map with routing, local business search and more feature in your pocket. This works great with inbuilt or external GPS receiver.
  2. Fring: Talk and Chat with your online friends with one application on different chat networks like Yahoo, Google talk, Skype, Jabber,ICQ right from your Smart Phone at the same time.
  3. TCPMP: The only complete multimedia player for mp3, 3gp, avi and other format that are not supported by default windows media player.
  4. Smarttoolkit: This is software to customize your windows mobile for a look and feel of windows xp with taskbar, startmenu, and clock. It also gives you lots of utility with it’s inbuilt Plugins to capture screen and more.
  5. OperaMini: The best internet browsing experience on any mobile device.
  6. Orkut Mobile: Keep yourself socialized on go with google’s orkut for mobile.
  7. Yahoo Go: Yahoo’s Go for mobile news, weather, yahoo mail and more features.(not recommended if you are using fring)
  8. Dashwire: Keep an online backup of all your contacts sms photos and other to restore if you reset your Windows mobile Smart Phone.
  9. Youtube: The full video library of popular youtube on your phone.
  10. Facebook: Grab the face book facilities on move by it’s mobile application.

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