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When windows 7 was released I was aware of many features we will be missiong in the coming windows from Microsoft. As a System Support executive at M.B. Infotech I find many people who had bought a laptop with original windows 7 were missing the old Windows movie maker they used in Windows XP. This was a big head ach for T.V and Media reporter who were used to of the Movie Maker.

Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7
Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7

The issue was there is no any tool to edit videos under Windows 7 Home Premium to fix this issue I was using the copied Windows Movie Maker form a vista OS. But here is the Windows 7 compatible version which works natively for windows 7. This is a great news for man looking for the old day’s movie maker. This is very comfortable to work with it. Just download and install the Windows Movie Maker 2.6 for windows 7.

Click to download Movie maker from Windows Download Center.

I request all the people in T.V media to use this software and forget the tension of how to capture video from their handy cam in windows 7.

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