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E-Commerce Start-up at Bokaro brings quality food at your door step

Recently I worked on a website with Idea to bring quality stapled food at your door-step, a start-up company from Bokaro, Jharkhand came with their idea to my company to design and code an e-commerce website to take orders online for their start-up company. They are called Easy Staples which is all about feeding younger mates of this country living on their own, all with ease. Its no brainchild of a heavyweight, but a consequence of determination and eagerness of a few cranks to solve one of difficulties that they faced while wasting their parents money in the name of studying outside.

Easy Staples Bokaro Start-up

Currently they are serving Bokaro location and they have plans to expand the cities covered with their staples at door step. Easy Staples’ website visitor/ customer can order Pre-defined meal or even can customize their staple, order can be made over phone, website or from their store. The price at that they are offering the quality food with their standards of orders processing work flow they are really very competitive.

The company is lead by management professionals & experienced team in industry working with reputed companies for years. Personally I wishes them good luck for their business start-up. And yes If you are bokaro and in search of quality food visit their website and explore them. They have also subscription packages for monthly, weekly like customers and option to choose from several types of package.