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Email Gmail, Yahoo, MSn
Gmail, Yahoo, MSn

I would like to thanks you all as you are taking interest in my technology blog, I had started this blog just for all my Indians to help them use technology more conveniently. Don’t forget to Bookmark me so that you can visit me again with ease. Ok today I am Sharing you a tip about “How to Close your Old/Unwanted Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, Live account permanently. It is very common that we make several Id to get the perfect one at any Email Service. You can also need to close your old account due to other issues like Changing Company, Too much Spam and Changing your Email provider. And we must do this to save server space, electricity and help these free services remain free.

So here is the way how to Shutdown your unwanted email account.

  • How to delete a GMail account:- To shutdown your Gmail 1st login to your account and visit this Url , I would like to tell you that you can also delete your Orkut account from here.
  • How to delete a Yahoo mail account: To delete your yahoo email account you can navigate to this url, this will removed any yahoo services you were using and it’s data will be lost.
  • How to delete MSN/Hotmail/Live Account: Login to corresponding Hotmail/Live Mail Account and visit this url to delete that hotmail/Live Mail/MSN Mail Account. Here also cancel any premium services associated with that account.

But as you know, you can have Live Account without having Mail Account. How to close such a account then? Simple, visit this url to remove a Live Account.

That’s all the information I had to help Indians close their unused email accounts. Please comment below if you know any other point should be mentioned here. You can consider to read us quickly by Clicking Our RSS. Say me hello at Twitter.