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Dude I was totally afraid going for counselling at study center of IGNOU near to Nala Road at Kadam Kuan Patna beacause I was totally late by 2 days. But even I reached to destination any how. I was amazed by the 1st meet with counseller woh! he said welcome to ur study center for programme bca. Yes he said welcome even I told him that I am late here and loosed some classes too. There he told me my center roll no. 111 verifying my Icard. He remind me to collect books from there and attend next classes. And a funny talk when I was leaving center come to presence, Sir told “I shal tell you where to join coaching in next class” I replied “no thanks sir I dont think I will need it” sir was shoked and kept himself pointed to me untill I left the center.

Very Exciting every thing was.