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Blog and Blogging
Blog and Blogging

Hello to all this month I was busy with an art store website project at Patna,(Krishna Collection) but now I am free for sometime to share tips and my own experiences. I am very glad when people like you, comment on my blog posts and appreciate me. That power’s me to write something that can be useful for my Indi brothers. This month I will be writing about blog, blogging and passing out tips, tricks and successions to you all.

In the very 1st post I will explain what is blog what’s my view and why you Indian’s(and others also) should blog regularly. What are the benefits and how you can improve many parts that makes you by blogging on any topic. Blog as defined at Wikipedia means “Website that allows users to reflect, share opinions, and discuss various topics in the form of an online journal while readers may comment on posts.” And blogging is the action to post entries on the web blog. In my view blogging is to share your ideas, notify about news and events, discuss topic with others interested about. You may blog on any topic of your choice like music, painting, internet, computer, fun, politics, tips or any thing. There are lots of popular blog and blogger who are depended on blogging as their career and known as professional blogger.

Now let me point some benefits of blogging, See why one should blog in my view:

  • Improves Communication Skills
  • Makes great command on language.
  • Improves personality.
  • Builds confident attitude.
  • Makes you popular.
  • Develop human network.
  • Sharp your General knowledge.

Indian guys and girls should maintain at least one blog say personal or public to improve their paragraph writing skill and improve English grammar. There are lots of more points that proves why one should blog and If you think you are set to blog on any topic or a group of topics then keep yourself around my blog, in next post I will review some of the best hosted and free blogging platforms and help you choose the best one for you. And more after in next post I will be posting tips to be a successful blogger and earn big name and fame. Till than you can like to follow My tweets at Twitter. Please comment below with your suggestions and questions I reply every comment with a charm.