Types Of Web Hosting

Hi all my friends, fans & followers I know many of you understand web hosting services which is needed to host a website. Web hosting services enables your website to be served via web server which is kept at data centers. I know many of you are aware of different types of Web Hosting Services which is differentiated by the server availability, […]

Just Open “Run”:::::(win+R) Type “Drivers” click on “OK” Open folder “etc” open “hosts”:::::(it’s type is fle not ICS file, because here two file named hosts) open with “notepad” Add this line to the end of the page www.XXXXXX.com # just change www.XXXXXX.com to that website which you want to block. e.g: “www.google.co.in” or “www.yahoo.com” […]

Hello to all this month I was busy with an art store website project at Patna,(Krishna Collection) but now I am free for sometime to share tips and my own experiences. I am very glad when people like you, comment on my blog posts and appreciate me. That power’s me to write something that can […]

Hello, I was here at patna for a long time and doing what nothing new but studying some php application development and reading some CSS3 guides. And suddenly I got a call from Mr. Srikant who introduced himself as prop. of Krishna Collection, and than only in 15 days we come today to the final […]