Hi friends in this new world of socialization many say almost all who spend time on-line is on social networking sites. You can also find me on popular social sites like Facebook or on Twitter as well. And while using Facebook¬† one day I needed to export my friends list to add them to my […]

Hello, I was here at patna for a long time and doing what nothing new but studying some php application development and reading some CSS3 guides. And suddenly I got a call from Mr. Srikant who introduced himself as prop. of Krishna Collection, and than only in 15 days we come today to the final […]

Hello all web users, as we all know the web and Internet has made our life so faster and so easier that some of us can’t live without it. Today a guy like you and me and lot more not just use internet for emails, news, sharing files but the new age is of Blogging, […]