Types Of Web Hosting

Hi all my friends, fans & followers I know many of you understand web hosting services which is needed to host a website. Web hosting services enables your website to be served via web server which is kept at data centers. I know many of you are aware of different types of Web Hosting Services which is differentiated by the server availability, […]

PNB Net banking Login Interface

India’s Leading bank Punjab National Bank has launched improved and new Internet Banking interface. Now you will love it’s new interface.. it’s 300 times better than the previous annoying interface as per my experience. In the revamped Banking Interface many of NEW Features has been added like SELECT your OWN Login/User ID , RESET Passwords now […]

Hi friends in this new world of socialization many say almost all who spend time on-line is on social networking sites. You can also find me on popular social sites like Facebook or on Twitter as well. And while using Facebook  one day I needed to export my friends list to add them to my […]

You ever Lost your product key? yes? Well today I would like to share a very handy tip that can save you a lot of time. There is a way to get the Windows XP product code from the cd the only thing you have to do is follow the steps below: 1. Right Click […]

Just Open “Run”:::::(win+R) Type “Drivers” click on “OK” Open folder “etc” open “hosts”:::::(it’s type is fle not ICS file, because here two file named hosts) open with “notepad” Add this line to the end of the page www.XXXXXX.com # just change www.XXXXXX.com to that website which you want to block. e.g: “www.google.co.in” or “www.yahoo.com” […]

Hello to all this month I was busy with an art store website project at Patna,(Krishna Collection) but now I am free for sometime to share tips and my own experiences. I am very glad when people like you, comment on my blog posts and appreciate me. That power’s me to write something that can […]