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Top 10 free and best Email Service Indians should choose from

Hello world! who are reading my articles and lots of good wishes for your expanding Technology embedded lifestyle. We are all familiar with email about what it is and we use this in our work, personal and other uses. I am here telling you which email services are best for why and how? As an Indian I will recommend these email services to a user so that you can choose a effective, robust, easy to use and quick email service.

But before I make a list of best free full featured email service 1st let’s understand what points should we care when choosing an email service for business or personal use. We should look for an email service which provides both WebMail and POP3-SMTP, Support to use with email clients like Outlook Express & Thunderbird, good enough capacity to store email. The email address should be smaller to choose, it should stay up and faster in all day time. The provider must have a long email service background as free (new providers may give you as free and ask for payment when you spread around world) for this we should only use popular free email services.

Now here is the list with top free email service a Indian should use and why?

  1. Gmail (free service by Google): I would recommend this because it is from Google and supports all advanced feature it should have like, POP3,SMTP, Web mail and Mobile device support. It will also give you access to all other services of Google like Orkut, Blogger, Picassa with the same account.And the email address you get remains shorter. (ex.- [email protected])
  2. Yahoo Mail: This is very popular in India because of it’s cool interface and service to send free SMS in India from within your email box. I would say you guys to choose a yahoo ID for sms feature but it’s POP3/SMTP access is available in premium subscription. I will recommend you to use .in domain while choosing you your ID.
  3. Mail : This is perhaps the shortest email id extension in the world which is free but advanced also. This is a service by Web18 an Indian company. It’s best choosing a short email ID (ex.- [email protected]) It’s fast, feature reach and with huge capacity for your emails.
  4. Sify: You can choose Sify email service because it is also a short extension and it has almost all the features that a gmail email service have. It is a free service for Indians by Sify India.
  5. Rediffmail: This email service is widely used in india perhaps it’s extension is too big (ex.- [email protected]). It says that it provides unlimited email storage capacity but haves pop up ads on it’s website.
  6. Aol mail: You can choose this email service which is really good. It will really give you good email experience and unlimited storage capacity. It also has the free SMS across India like yahoo mail has.
  7. Webdunia Email: This is free Indian language email you can get an email Id here to use at it also supports wap email for your mobile devices.
  8. Windows Live Hotmail: This email service is powered by the Microsoft’s Hotmail. To get a hotmail id with choice of hotmail or extensions it is feature rich clean and robust.
  9. IndiaTimes mail: The known email service for indians but however it gives unlimited storage it is not very feature rich.
  10. Ibibo mail: An Indian email service with rich features you can import your yahoo, gmail inbox, send free sms and do more fun at

So guys, take a rest reading the post and consider to choose GMAIL or yahoo mail unless you have a good reason for that. Ok Ok ok choose you love one, but please comment bellow to feed me with ideas about this blog and oh you can read all these articles as I post them by my blogs RSS Feed directly. And if you feel lazy to comment you can share this post directly to following social sites.