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Free Online Games
Free Online Games

Hi everybody there wishing you very happy new year. My young friends across India told me to review and list the best websites for playing online games. That’s why I will be writing this post describing about the websites for online gaming in this post. Let me make it clear to you that the online flash based arcade, action, sports, racing games are not only popular among young school guys but are liked much a lot by the professionals and working service man. Service man often serf web for searching good websites filled with exciting games to make their boring or spare office time some entertaining.

So friends here is the list of the best and most popular gaming sites in india:

  1. : The very popular and most visited site for online games by Indian Internet users. The website is devoted for creating good games targeted to every category of person from children to younger ones. The site has features to save highest scores and jump in group competition.
  2. Game Khel is a website by the group of India Times, it has a huge collection of single and multiplayer games. Features Cricket, Racing, arcade, Puzzle and other games. The website is flavored with all types of flash games Indian’s like most.
  3. Games: is getting so much popularity for it’s complete web services.It’s gaming portal is very feature rich and keeps good no of games there. Players can chat and play together for more fun. This is a venture of Web18 networks.
  4. Games: is known as the 1st Hindi portal of the world has a well organized and good gaming site for Indians. some of the games are based on Indian characters and heroes.
  5. Sify Games: This gaming portal is powered by Sify India popular email and web service provider in India. the site has not a very big collection but have some of good games.
  6. This website is also good for several types of games targeted to Indian gamers.
  7. You can play some really cool and entertaining flash games at entertainment portal
  8. This website is a multilingual arcade games site with good collection.
  9. You can play games and also download them without registering on this website.
  10. Play games with your friends and challange them at this game site.

These were the sites to play games for free which is popular in india. Now following is the list of popular gaming sites worldwide.

  1. This is the name of world’s most famous flash game makers. The website has the biggest collection of games which are popular too. You can download some popular games by MiniClip to your system and play them offline also.
  2. You can play many of international free online games and also can download them.
  3. Choose and play flash based online games from collection of above 3000 games.
  4. It is great place to play cools online games.
  5. This is also a place to play games online.

Guys and Girls I will warn you to check your Internet data plans before having too much fun on Internet playing online games because they use a good amount of Internet bandwidth( I will recommend to have unlimited data plan). Ok, You can suggest ME to write on specific topics comment on this post and choose to subscribe to this blogs RSS Feed in your favorite reader.