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We all know that feeling when we have lost those memorable photos of some holiday or special occasion which are not backed up. Have you though about the consequences for the same mishap if it happens to effect important business files.

Those were the old days of backing up files every evening or night now cloud storage services have came to existence. Cloud storage services are now more scalable, bullet-proof and cheaper than ever, small business and we all can back up and share files with Cloud Storage providers and services.

Storage of all important files online on a Cloud storage keeps all of the business files accessible, from any where and can be shared securely which can keep hassle of multiple backup of files and versions of edits to help your start-up or business work efficiently and smartly. As a business owner in India however there are few key areas to look before choosing the cloud storage provider.

Price is an important concern for startups and small business in India. So you might be wondering to start with a free cloud storage service while having most of the features that matters to you. I am listing the best of 5 cloud service providers which are best suited for Indian business after comparing their features, popularity, pricing and other aspect by me.

  1. ZohoDocs
  2. Google Drive
  3. DropBox
  4. OneDrive
  5. iCloud

1 | ZohoDocs

The Indian player which has proven it’s capabilities in cloud products in different verticals choose ZohoDocs .

So, the top three we would recommend our readers are:

Start-ups and small business owners choose the low cost option with lots of features however consider the security also and see if the choice is value for money. And each one of our top three scored well in all these areas.

Mozy and Amazon Drive are really just reasonable cloud storage tools, but for professional use you’ll need a bit more functionality.

Google would be your best free option, but we don’t think it’s quite up to scratch for business use with its lenient password controls and limited privacy settings.

Dropbox is my favourite – it’s a very popular online storage service that’s slick, fast and does everything small businesses need. But it’s fairly pricey compared to Microsoft OneDrive which is another exceptional option and our number one for value for money.

As conclusion We know that starting with free plans from any of the above provider would be a great Idea and even if monthly subscription packages to be needed in future pricing are not very high these days. Choose the partner which is right for you After all your business needs to store and have a backup solution but must avoid the headache of trying to migrate all your files to a new service further down the line.