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There are many articles written by different bloggers on wordpress website optimisation and ways to improve load time of your website/ perfomance.  I have been managing approx 200 wordpress based business website & blogs for ,  few with huge traffic consuming huge bandwidth. Today I would be listing few tools that I have been using and recommending other developers to use them before they put website to live from development environment.

I won’t be putting detailed features comparison between these tools and web applications but a basic overview and what a particular tool does’s and how it can help you in testing perfomance of your wordpress website. And one more thing however i am writing this article focusing wordpress based website perfomance testing but it can be as helpful for any website no matter built just with html css or using any cms.

Tools to Test WordPress Performance:

  1. GTMetrix can be used as a benchmarking tool it has a very well crafted interface that allows you to not only see the load time but to get details on Google Pagespeed score and Yahoo’s YSlow scores also.  It also puts suggestions to consider improving the performance and possible fixes.
  2. KeyCDN Speed Test is a simple tool that will display asset loading and total time it took for the website to finish loading. It can be used to test the CDN speed as many of wordpress themes and other templates use CDN hosted assets like bootstrap css, jquery, font-awesome and other libraries.
  3. Pingdom Tools: One of very popular tool to test page load time, it also displays detailed analysis of loaded assets by type like images, scripts, html etc. It’s my favorite tool.