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7 best ways to make people know about your website

ways to promote your websiteAs a web developer and SEO guru I was always asked by my customers “Ok, I have my business website , how to let people know about it?“. When people ask me this question I answer them you have a car let people know take it to road, means in this sense you have got a nice business website let people see it (If you still don’t have a website get a business website designed here). For this you need INTERNET Marketing to bring your website in-front of potential buyers or customers of your product or service.

This could be done in many ways these days. Here are some of effective way to get more and more potential visitors to your website that are worth less expensive and more effective:

1. Search Engine Marketing: These days as reports says more than 80 % of people search online about product and services before they buy it. These days more and more people are spending their time online they search for products and services and if your ad comes in-front of people who are searching for product or service you sell it’s more worthy to pitch right customer at the right time. So you can run advertisement campaigns on giant search engines like Google via Google Adwords program, and on BING and YAHOO Search via BING Ads. Generally you pay for clicks and visit to your website so it’s called PPC or pay per click advertisement.

2. Search Engine Optimization: Another way to get seen in Search engine is via organic listing, organic listing is search results for that you don’t need to pay google or any search engine. Appearance of your site for certain keyword on first page is determined by the 100s of signals that influences your website ranking given by a search engine. Improving your website’s search engine ranking in organic results is know or called Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization is a time taking and consistent efforts of improving on page content quality & getting relevant back-links form popular websites.

3. Social Media Marketing: Millions of people are now spending big portion of their online time on Social Network website’s like FACEBOOK, Google +, LinkedIN etc. you can target them their also via their advertising programs. These advertising programs are very cheaper and importantly most target-able to the audience group you want to reach.

4. Youtube Channels : Oh yes YouTube has been proved for being the start-up ground for many stars like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and many other get popular over night or some day via Youtube. So like many company and artist doing right now get your stage at YouTube make your channel post some passionate videos like your composition, music, poem, testimonials of your clients, product demonstrations etc and get a boost to your online identity increasing brand trust.

5. Get involved in FORUMS, Blogs : You should also participate in forums related to your business or interest to connect with people and let them know your ideas or products. A free way to promote your business and yourself online. Also get a blog for yourself write short and informative articles to get found on search engines.

6. Local & B2B Portals: People also search some of popular B2B websites like IndiaMart, Justdial, Sulekha etc. get listed their all they come with a free and premium membership if you don’t want to try premium listing just at least get free space for your business.

7. Classifieds Ads Portal: Oh yes post your free ad to either buy or sell stuffs online get your business advertised among the peoples who visit the classifieds websites to buy or sell their things. There are many websites which are popular in INDIA like , , etc.

So these are the best and cost effective ways to promote your business online and get your website found by millions of potential visitors. But besides of these their are also some more ways to do effective marketing one of them is E-Mail marketing I will be discussing about it in some next post. If you have any query or want to know more about any of the above ways to promote your business connect with Vivek Prismx the author of this post at facebook or drop a comment here.