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Full stack developer and contributor to multiple opensource projects, runs Web & Mobile app development company in Patna, Bihar called Webx99 also mentor at Bihar Startups Club.
5 must have WordPress Plugins for Business Websites (My Pick)

5 must have WordPress Plugins for Business Websites (My Pick)

Have been a wordpress developer for more than 10 years I came through development of several dozens business websites as a lead web developer at Webx99 a web design company in Patna which uses Open Source technology as it’s core development tools.

Today I am going to list top 5 plugins we use with every WordPress website design project for almost all kinds of wrodpress websites we develop from personal blogs to business website to Government Websites.

1. W3 Total Cache: Who dosn’t want their website to be as fast as the days when static websites were in fashion with all the power of wordpress website’s dynamic nature in content still we can use plugin like W3 Total Cache to cache dynamic information and optimise website to be served faster  to users. The plugin supports CDN, Compression , Database Query Cache, Browser Cache and all modern techniques one can leverage within wordpress for faster website. There are other popular alternate like WP Super Cache also an option I use some time but I use Caching for all website’s me or our team at Webx99 design and develop.

2. Contact Form 7: You must have used or heard of this plugin if you are a wordpress developer even for a very short time, Everybody want’s a form on their website in form of enquiry form, feedback form or to capture booking data. This Plugin is used by me on almost all projects for simple contact form to sometime complex booking engine.  This plugin supports normal html input fields to date, dropdown, file uploads and more.

3. Simple Light Box: Converting your old fashion ugly gallery to beautiful modern gallery with light-box effect can be done with this plugin, It’s simple and easy to setup. There are other plugins also available in wordpress plugin directory but I use this for it’s simplicity and support for current version of Wordrpess.

4. All in One SEO Pack: If you are worrying too much about good ranking in google and other search engines and spending lots of time modifying and optimising your wordpress website use this plugin which will come handy for seo purposes it has all tools for SEO like SITEMAP generation submission, meta tags optimisation and lots of more features. Just use the plugin as a tool for Search engine optimisation of your website if you want to do it yourself. Our company can manage all your SEO worries as Webx99 also offers SEO service in Patna and Bihar.

5. ImsanityName might not be clear but this plugin is essential for my all wordpress website project specially where lot’s of content to be created with time. You might have encountered situations when your website users (clients) in most cases don’t care for size of image they are uploading they would upload a direct shot image from DSLR with size sometimes above 20mb.  This not only wastes the disk space of servers but also slows down the page load and consumes unprecedented amount of bandwidth. Imsanity plugin comes to rescue and will resize the resolution of image uploaded and will eliminate all such issue. We must use this plugin for news portals, blogs and in some cases with Photography websites.

There are many other plugins which I use quite often but they are not as common as above listed plugins and are for specific use cases. If you liked this article don’t forget to share it with your friends and you can also follow me on Twitter or on my linkedin profile.

List of Co-Working spaces in Patna

List of Co-Working spaces in Patna

There are many startups coming to it’s existence in India with the success of few of them with inspiring stories. One can clearly see the growing pace of Indian startups and the rise in the numbers of new startups with innovative ideas flooding the ecosystem. Patna is also not untouched with this growth and pace. The Indian market is presently witnessing a surge of potential startups. And the need for affordable office spaces for early startups is boon to all serious startups and product developers and in some cases freelancers too.

While we are talking about startup in Patna and startup ecosystem in Bihar lets list down co-working spaces offering low cost office space with all things needed to fuel your team from high-speed internet, networking and meeting hall, hot plug and play desk, dedicated desk and other utilities like water, Air conditioner etc.

Here are the Best Top Coworking Spaces in Patna, Bihar.

Symmetry Coworking

Symmetry Coworking office space is established by some of prominent Community members of Bihar Startups Club a community of Startups from Patna and other cities forming Bihar’s Startup ecosystem.

This coworking is located in Patliputra Golumber is in closed proximity with Boring Road, Software Technology Parks of India & Patliputra Industrial Area in Patna. This is exclusive Coworking offering office space to Tech startups from Bihar’s startup ecosystem.


VenturePark by BIA

VenturePark an initiative of Bihar Industries Association also offers free co-working space for it’s incubates. It’s located at city centre near to old Bihar Museum , Sinha Library Road.

Venturepark also offers mentorship support and helps with other aspect of running and managing startup.


Work Studio Coworking

Work Studio Coworking located in Kankarbagh Patna, claims to be largest coworking space in North India. Started by some Startups and offers different type of cowroking options from single workstation to dedicated studio and also features single day passes.

They also have event area where they organise occasional events.


EZ- Enterprising Zone

EZ-Enterprising Zone is developed by Bihar Entrepreneurs Association also known as BEA and is located in S.K.Puri Boring Road. Offers coworking space for startups and mentoring to let startups setup and run their ventures.

The above list is a list of cowroking and incubator spaces for Startups in Bihar. We would be doing full featured story of them in upcoming posts.


Want your co-working space to be listed here? Drop us an email at [email protected] Keep watching this space. Cheers! Or want me to do a detailed tour of your working do drop us an email.

Guide for AC Installation & AC Repair Service in Patna

Guide for AC Installation & AC Repair Service in Patna

Summer is about to go out as rainy season has started We people of Patna must be thankful to their Air Conditioner units for the calm survival due to Air Conditioner units in this Hot weather of Patna for them who can afford an AC unit in their home/ office. Now the time has come to say good bye to our buddy Air Conditioner but before we leave using them for this season we should be thankful to them and also care for them.

AC Repair & Service Guide Patna
AC Repair & Service Guide Patna

This guide will help you with tips and information to take care of the AC unit in Patna, So we should do a service to ac from an expert technician so that it’s fit to work again in next summer. If you live in Patna it might be little hactic to find a professional and affordable AC Repair service Providers in Patna. Going to choose company service after warranty is a costly affair. So I would provide you information about AC technicians in Patna who offers home repair services.

There is a Startup called SevaMart in Patna which offers home repair and maintenance service in Patna. You can book expert AC technician in Patna for Instalation of your new unit or in case you are relocating the Air Conditioner. The price is very competitive yet their service comes with a 7days guarantee and technicians are well trained and haves good experience in Industry.

So Patna people if you care about your AC unit which is really a saver in hot weather of Patna choose to repair / or do a soft service of your AC every year before stopping the use and just in start of summer which will make your AC unit’s life longer and you can enjoy the summer with cool air around you. To Book AC Repair technician Online in patna go to SevaMart’s website or call team at 07480844888 for AC Repair & Servicing.  You can also book other services like Plumber, Electrician, Refrigerator repair etc services by downloading SevaMart Mobile App also.

Top 5 Cloud VPS Hosting providers in India

Top 5 Cloud VPS Hosting providers in India

Is your website traffic growing rapidly and your shared hosting is causing trouble loading your site at the peak traffic hours of your website. You should be than considering a VPS hosting provider for your business website or blog. Today I would help you choose one of the best VPS Hosting provider in India, the list is based on my experiences of 7+ years of with different VPS & Cloud hosting providers.

There are few key things that differenciate as not all VPS hosting providers are same in price, performance or support. So choose the best from the list compiled here by me of best VPS hosting providers in India.

1. Digital Ocean

A company which launched back in 2011 and since it’s now became one of world’s largest cloud VPS service providers. DigitalOcean’s VPS in cloud starts at as low as $5 per month they offer SSD hosting and since their launch they have disrupted the whole hosting industry. Simple user interface, low price and solid performance both at the same time has made this company popular among developers. They have datacenters accross globe with regions New York, Singapore, Germany etc they launched their services last year in India with datacenter at Bangalore.

One reason that it’s my favorite is it’s extensive and large tutorial articles which makes it easy for beigner developer to start hosting app and services on their Virtual machines.

2. AWS by Amazon

AWS has been no1 cloud hosting provider in past few years it has wide range of products from CDN , storage, cloud computing etc. However AWS is little hard to be used by beginers, they are offering free uses tier for a year but the cost compared to Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr is high to deploy services on AWS. If you are a beginer and want easy interface go with Amazon’s LightSail lauched recently whcih focuses to keep products simple and pricing are similar to other competitors.

3. LightSail by Amazon

The simplyfied version of AWS, aws is hard to use for beginer developers, recently Amazon Web Services has launched LightSail their simple pricing VPS services in India. AWS claims that the product is built on same platform of AWS they offer eye catchy price and simple Userinterface as DigitalOcean does. They have Singapore and Mumbai based datacenter locations which is good for websites with most users from India.

4. Linode

Linode also focuses good things and power at low price as Digital Ocean and Vultr lidone’s support team is also quick they are offering managed services also in case you need. Their plans start at $5 for 1GB ram config.

5. Vultr 

Vultr a new venture recently gaining popularity as it’s breaking the rules of pricing with product configs similar to Linode and DO, Vultr is lowest price and in features compete directly with DO and Linode, Vultr’s 512 mb VPS costs only $2.5 the lowest in industry at the same time they offer good support and hardware are also latest.


If you are a pro developer to handle complex product configurations you can try AWS as it has a large cataloge of services however charges are little higher than competition.  And if you are looking to start and finding value for money VPS hosting provider in India go for DigitalOcean or LightSail. If your budget is really low you should choose Linode or Vultr as they are best value vps providers in India both have data centers at Singapore.

Among above list of VPS providers I have used services or atleast tried all from the list currently I am using Digital Ocean and AWS for our website and client’s websites & web apps. I manage couple of VPS servers for different clients of Webx99 , Webx99 offers VPS Setup, Web application deployment, security, monitoring and other Managed VPS Hosting Service in Patna. DigitalOcean is the perfect blend of Simplicity, Performance and is best value for Price, You can try VPS service of DigitalOcean by signing up for them from  this link  whcih will give you $25 free credit.

Now Book Online Repair service in Patna with SevaMart

Now Book Online Repair service in Patna with SevaMart

SevaMart is a local service provider aggregator business startup that let’s you book Home Repair & Utility related services like Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, AC Repair etc. SevaMart has recently launched it’s services in three segments which includes Repair & Maintenance Service, Beauty & Fitness and Business Services in Patna.

Seva Mart Repair Service in Patna

You can book services offered by SevaMart online or via call you will receive booking confirmation and estimated cost for service after booking confirmation service is delivered by professional at your doorstep and you pay at service delivery.

Recently our office needed our AC to be serviced we went to try the service of SevaMart and booked online. We got booking confirmation & technician from SevaMart visited us and fixed the AC, we were happy with the professional service, transparent price (as quoted) and prompt service. So next time when you need your AC repaired in Patna go and book online AC repair Service in Patna you can also book other professionals like CA, Beautician, Yoga & Fitness Trainer other than Plumber, Electrician & Carpenter.  Repair services are offered for AC, Refrigerator, Home Appliance like FAN, TV, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Gas Stove etc.

Company plans to expand it’s services in other cities of Bihar in coming months like Bhagalpur, Purnea, Muzaffarpur, Gaya etc. Team of SevaMart is currently working on training of staff developing technology like Mobile app and expanding it’s service coverage with new tie-ups of professionals.

5 tools for WordPress website Performance Testing

5 tools for WordPress website Performance Testing

There are many articles written by different bloggers on wordpress website optimisation and ways to improve load time of your website/ perfomance.  I have been managing approx 200 wordpress based business website & blogs for ,  few with huge traffic consuming huge bandwidth. Today I would be listing few tools that I have been using and recommending other developers to use them before they put website to live from development environment.

I won’t be putting detailed features comparison between these tools and web applications but a basic overview and what a particular tool does’s and how it can help you in testing perfomance of your wordpress website. And one more thing however i am writing this article focusing wordpress based website perfomance testing but it can be as helpful for any website no matter built just with html css or using any cms.

Tools to Test WordPress Performance:

  1. GTMetrix can be used as a benchmarking tool it has a very well crafted interface that allows you to not only see the load time but to get details on Google Pagespeed score and Yahoo’s YSlow scores also.  It also puts suggestions to consider improving the performance and possible fixes.
  2. KeyCDN Speed Test is a simple tool that will display asset loading and total time it took for the website to finish loading. It can be used to test the CDN speed as many of wordpress themes and other templates use CDN hosted assets like bootstrap css, jquery, font-awesome and other libraries.
  3. Pingdom Tools: One of very popular tool to test page load time, it also displays detailed analysis of loaded assets by type like images, scripts, html etc. It’s my favorite tool.
Find My Drona, Re-branding of Coaching Classes Search Portal

Find My Drona, Re-branding of Coaching Classes Search Portal is re-branded version of coaching classes search portal earlier known as an online platform/marketplace for educational institutions & private home tutors. It serves as a community where students come to find institutes read reviews and ask question related to coaching classes and tutors. It helps students in finding the right Institute, get answer to their questions, read reviews, download study material and share it to others.

Find My Drona Coaching Classes Search

Find My Drona is a venture of Web Exploration Pvt. Ltd.” a company founded by entrepreneurial team from Patna. This website portal has been started to help students with career goals, skill development, digitisation of coaching and colleges to even the smallest academic level like home tutors.

So if you or your near and dears are looking for dance classes to banking coaching or English Spoken to yoga classes in your city go to and compare from different institutes see rankings and reviews and you can also make admission enquiry from there. enters on-line flight ticketing space enters on-line flight ticketing space

A new technology start-up company called a delhi based start-up has launched it’s online web portal for flight tickets booking in India. This is a new website from where Indian can book domestic flight tickets as well as international flight tickets can be also booked from here.


The team at AnaJana claims they having experience of Travel industry of years, with tie ups from flight operators to bring cheap flight tickets in India. has relieved it’s plans to add more services to it’s portfolio in coming months other than air ticketing in India.

Mission of AnaJana is to to take initiative to work for a consistent vision and an agreed set of values that helps a company to set itself apart from its peers. Let’s see how this company moves ahead, in the mean while you may be interested to follow them at official AnaJana Facebook page for latest deals on flight ticket booking and more.

Now Order Food in Train & get it delivered at your Seat

Now Order Food in Train & get it delivered at your Seat

To make your journey in train something else than boring there are many things you can do in train specially when you are traveling with your friends and family from reading books, listing music to playing some games without disturbing other co passenger. I am also a frequent traveler using train, while the journey we miss so many things one of them is delicious food. A startup company called Rail Restro has come up with the solution to this. Rail Restro is an online platform from where you can order delicious food of your choice and get it delivered on your seat.

Ordering food in train is very easy with Order food in train, currently they serve over 200 food on railway stations with above 300 restaurants. One can order chinise, south indian, veg/non-veg items from vast options including breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can even order pizza, cake soft drink in train with RailRestro yes pizza delivery in train you heard it right.

Food Delivery in Train
Food Delivery in Train

Guess what you can even deliver food in train for your loved ones and surprise them as RailRestro offers both COD and online Payment options so that you can order food in train for your dear one’s without any hassle. To order meal in train just visit put your travel details and from the list of restaurants choose and order food from their menu at station and in quantity you want. Ordering food in train is so easy with this website. Or if you like to order over phone call their Call Center no. to give  your order. They have also provided live chat facility via website/mobile and whatsapp so that ordering is more easy for you. My experience of ordering food in train was overall very good as their food advisers are much co-operative  and arranged food in my train’s coach at my seat just the way i had expected.


Bihar Board 12th 2015 results likely to be published expecting irregularities

Bihar Board 12th 2015 results likely to be published expecting irregularities

Bihar board results are likely to be published today after extension of date from last known date , Looks like there is even confusion among the national media about the url/ website were the results are likely to be published. Bihar board seems to not have published any info on any of the websites those are refereed by different different media houses.

According to the DNA website they have listed two url one is where no one can find any trace are results to be published here the last notification/ link posted on the site days back more than 4 years.  Another url circulated by DNA [] which is already expired one with no website, looks like the education department have either forgot to provide info where the results will be published or don’t think it’s important may be.

In this kind of crisis among students, JAGRAN, INDIA Results and many more are playing with the game to gather student’s details may be to sell to admission consultants.

The only information available to mass of the websites and media is that “Bihar Board 12th results 2015/ Bihar Board Intermediate result 2015 are to be announced on 20th may by 3:00 PM IST”.

Assuming that the results might be published at the site were it was published last year in 2014 I think results should be published at again there is no any link or update about the result till yet today 10 am on the day of result to be published.

I would try to update this page with the confirmed link as we know for viewing the results of Bihar Board Intermediate results 2015.

UPDATE: 20 MAY 2015 12.15 PM 

The website were results will be published is you can also check your inter / matric result of bihar board from Direct link of India Results at