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How to Get fastest WordPress Hosting Services in India

How to Get fastest WordPress Hosting Services in India

Hey being fast when it’s about your website, speed matters, How quickly website loads to your user affects huge user experience and ultimately to conversion rates. Dosn’t matter you run a wordpress website for your business, organisation or blog faster loading of your website helps ur business.

How to get Fastest WordPress Website in India

Speed It’s very helpful to rank higher in google’s organic search. A lot of us don’t pay attention on page load time of our website but we offer best hosting services in Patna to our clients as we understnad the impact of having your website faster.

1. Choose Best Website Design Agency

For any website to load faster the first area of tuning is at the time of website design & Development. Developing website with speed in mind you must choose an experienced website design agency as they use there experience to curate just the perfect light weight website for your business. Our agency offers Custom WordPress Hosting & WordPress Website design services in Patna, Bihar.

2. Finding the Best Web Hosting Service for Your website

Again based on your budget and traffic requirment you should choose the right web hosting from different type of hosting services available such as Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers etc. If you want your site to load faster you should start with Cloud VPS hosting and while choosing VPS Server choose the datacenter nearest to your Users country. These days VPS Hosting also Popularly known as Cloud VPS Hosting are very affordable choose from DigitalOcean, AWS or Linode. We also offer managed VPS hosting services in Patna which includes server setup, full stack setup firewall & monitoring services.

Signup to digitalocean vps and get free $100 credit to try from my link:

3. Tuning The servers to optimise for Speed

Now when you have get your wordpress website designed and choosen the right Cloud Hosting parter for your website It’s important to tune the web server to perform best from available resourses. From using simple Browser caching, Gzip Compression to advanced in memory caching such as MEMCACHE, Redis do help a lot when it comes to fast loading wordpress website.

We reccomend users to leverage basic page caching alwasy but when it comes to handling huge traffic tunning of PHP, MYSQL and using cdn services also helps your website load faster.

Hope you learned the 3 steps to take if you want your worpdress website wheter it’s a personal blog or a news portal load faster. You should test the performance using Google’s Page Speed or GTmetrix website speed test.

When you need help with optimising or even designing your website feel free to reach my web design agency in Patna we power 100’s of website’s with many sites having above lakh on average daily page views. Hope this guide will help you choosing the right WordPress Hosting services for your website.

How to Install Linux Bash on Windows 10 & run Ubuntu inside it

How to Install Linux Bash on Windows 10 & run Ubuntu inside it

First Personal computer I bought was preloaded with Windows 98 than came windows Xp which I loved most and from the next new release I started hating it. And between the period of Windows Vista and Windows 7 I had totally switched to a linux flavour desktop Ubuntu as my Primary Computer. However 2 years ago I bought Macbook Air and realised how much it was easy for me as a full stack web developer and server admin to code and manage the servers with both Linux and Ubuntu while running open-source web server stacks.

But Very recently I bought a Windows 10 desktop PC for home use after the windows has matured and is now way better than it was few years back. I came to know that Windows 10 has now stable Linux Bash and support for Ubuntu and linux system builtin after (Fall Creators Update). In this Tutorial I would lay down steps to enable “Windows Subsystem for Linux Bash”   feature that will allow you to natively install Ubuntu and use it within Windows session without any virtual box setup. I had tweeted after I came to read about the news in Microsoft Update blog. Here is the easy steps you can take to enable this and use Ubuntu yourself in your Windows 10 Pc.

Enabling Windows Subsystem for Linux feature in Windows 10

Before I start This feature will not work in windows 32 bit version Choose Windows 64 bit for this you should be any way switching to 64 bit version of Windows.

So if you are using Windows 10 64 bit Go to Control Panel > Programs > Turn Windows Features On or Off than enable “Windows Subsystem for Linux” in dialog box click ok and let the process finish.

Enabling Windows Subsytem for Linux

As your computer restarts you can than choose to install Ubuntu on your Windows 10 from Microsoft Store you will see list of many Linux distribution when you search “Linux” in Windows 10 Store. I recommend using Ubuntu as it works very well for all my purposes like connecting to remote servers using ssh and taking backups using rsync command.

After you have installed Ubuntu or any other linux distribution from the store you can start it from the Start Menu as in following picture as I had installed Ubuntu.

You might want to pin this application shortcut to your Start menu, desktop or in taskbar for quick access.

First time you open the Ubuntu app from start menu you would be prompted to create a password remember you would be automatically given a username which will be same as your windows username. Just set your password and you are in to the world of Linux.

That’s It if you are user of Mac Os or Ubuntu already you must be familiar from here happy using linux on your windows.

Guide for AC Installation & AC Repair Service in Patna

Guide for AC Installation & AC Repair Service in Patna

Summer is about to go out as rainy season has started We people of Patna must be thankful to their Air Conditioner units for the calm survival due to Air Conditioner units in this Hot weather of Patna for them who can afford an AC unit in their home/ office. Now the time has come to say good bye to our buddy Air Conditioner but before we leave using them for this season we should be thankful to them and also care for them.

AC Repair & Service Guide Patna
AC Repair & Service Guide Patna

This guide will help you with tips and information to take care of the AC unit in Patna, So we should do a service to ac from an expert technician so that it’s fit to work again in next summer. If you live in Patna it might be little hactic to find a professional and affordable AC Repair service Providers in Patna. Going to choose company service after warranty is a costly affair. So I would provide you information about AC technicians in Patna who offers home repair services.

There is a Startup called SevaMart in Patna which offers home repair and maintenance service in Patna. You can book expert AC technician in Patna for Instalation of your new unit or in case you are relocating the Air Conditioner. The price is very competitive yet their service comes with a 7days guarantee and technicians are well trained and haves good experience in Industry.

So Patna people if you care about your AC unit which is really a saver in hot weather of Patna choose to repair / or do a soft service of your AC every year before stopping the use and just in start of summer which will make your AC unit’s life longer and you can enjoy the summer with cool air around you. To Book AC Repair technician Online in patna go to SevaMart’s website or call team at 07480844888 for AC Repair & Servicing.  You can also book other services like Plumber, Electrician, Refrigerator repair etc services by downloading SevaMart Mobile App also.

Now Order Food in Train & get it delivered at your Seat

Now Order Food in Train & get it delivered at your Seat

To make your journey in train something else than boring there are many things you can do in train specially when you are traveling with your friends and family from reading books, listing music to playing some games without disturbing other co passenger. I am also a frequent traveler using train, while the journey we miss so many things one of them is delicious food. A startup company called Rail Restro has come up with the solution to this. Rail Restro is an online platform from where you can order delicious food of your choice and get it delivered on your seat.

Ordering food in train is very easy with Order food in train, currently they serve over 200 food on railway stations with above 300 restaurants. One can order chinise, south indian, veg/non-veg items from vast options including breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can even order pizza, cake soft drink in train with RailRestro yes pizza delivery in train you heard it right.

Food Delivery in Train
Food Delivery in Train

Guess what you can even deliver food in train for your loved ones and surprise them as RailRestro offers both COD and online Payment options so that you can order food in train for your dear one’s without any hassle. To order meal in train just visit put your travel details and from the list of restaurants choose and order food from their menu at station and in quantity you want. Ordering food in train is so easy with this website. Or if you like to order over phone call their Call Center no. to give  your order. They have also provided live chat facility via website/mobile and whatsapp so that ordering is more easy for you. My experience of ordering food in train was overall very good as their food advisers are much co-operative  and arranged food in my train’s coach at my seat just the way i had expected.


Tips to Protect your WordPress website against global Attack

Tips to Protect your WordPress website against global Attack

Hi as you might have come to know that in last couple of days there is a major hacking attempt going on globally targeting WordPress sites. All the web hosting companies has issued ways tips and guidelines to protect wordpress installation from these  attacks. reputed web hosting company in Bihar have described the incident in his blog post about the nature of hacking attempts.


In the blog post at they have also provided the prevention attempt against these attempts.

To ensure that all your  websites are secure and safeguarded from this attack, I  recommend the following steps:

  1. Update and upgrade your wordpress installation and all installed plugins
  2. Install the security plugin listed here
  3. Ensure that your admin password is secure and preferably randomly generated
  4. Other ways of Hardening a WordPress installation are shared at

These additional steps can be taken to further secure wordpress websites:

  • Disable DROP command for the DB_USER .This is never commonly needed for any purpose in a wordpress setup
  • Remove README and license files (important) since this exposes version information
  • Move wp-config.php to one directory level up, and change its permission to 400
  • Prevent world reading of the htaccess file
  • Restrict access to wp-admin only to specific IPs
  • A few more plugins – wp-security-scan, wordpress-firewall, ms-user-management, wp-maintenance-mode, ultimate-security-scanner, wordfence, These may help in several occasions

Also,  recommend using Cloudflare, which is available free with all our cPanel accounts, to prevent the attack from affecting the functionality of your site. For any other assistance implementing the above security tweaks contact our support team. All customers website who have opted Webx99’s  website package are been implemented the above security  by our support team by default. For all customers without maintenance service or website package are recommended to do the above tasks by themselves to safe guard their website. If you have any questions regarding this you can personally ask me drop a comment here. Let’s safeguard the WORDPRESS powered websites.


Hack Google Search Results using Google Secret

Hack Google Search Results using Google Secret

1. Hacking Security Cameras :
“There exists many security cameras used for monitoring places like parking lots, college campus, road traffic etc. which can be hacked using Google so that you can view the images captured by those cameras in real time. All you have to do is use the following search query in Google. Type in Google search box exactly as follows and hit enter”


Click on any of the search results (Top 5 recommended) and you will gain access to the live camera which has full controls. You will see something as follows
As you can see in the above screenshot, you now have access to the Live cameras which work in real-time. You can also move the cameras in all the four directions, perform actions such as zoom in and zoom out. This camera has really a less refresh rate. But there are other search queries through which you can gain access to other cameras which have faster refresh rates. So to access them just use the following search query.
intitle:”Live View / – AXIS”
Click on any of the search results to access a different set of live cameras. Thus you have hacked Security Cameras using Google.

Google Secrets
Google Secrets

2. Hacking Personal and Confidential Documents
Using Google it is possible to gain access to an email repository containing CV of hundreds of people which were created when applying for their jobs. The documents containing their Address, Phone, DOB, Education, Work experience etc. can be found just in seconds.

intitle:”curriculum vitae” “phone * * *” “address *” “e-mail”
You can gain access to a list of .xls (excel documents) which contain contact details including email addresses of large group of people. To do so type the following search query and hit enter.

filetype:xls inurl:”email.xls”
Also it’s possible to gain access to documents potentially containing information on bank accounts, financial summaries and credit card numbers using the following search query

intitle:index.of finances.xls
3. Hacking Google to gain access to Free Stuffs
Ever wondered how to hack Google for free music or ebooks. Well here is a way to do that. To download free music just enter the following query on google search box and hit enter.

“?intitle:index.of?mp3 eminem“
Now you’ll gain access to the whole index of eminem album where in you can download the songs of your choice. Instead of eminem you can subtitute the name of your favorite album. To search for the ebooks all you have to do is replace “eminem” with your favorite book name. Also replace “mp3″ with “pdf” or “zip” or “rar”.

How to Copy your Favorites or Bookmarks between different browsers

How to Copy your Favorites or Bookmarks between different browsers

Hi friends there may be a scene when you want to copy or move your favorites or bookmarks of one browser to another. This may in case you first loved Firefox but now you started love with Google’s CHROME or Opera like browsers. In both cases you will love an application called BOOKMARK CONVERTER as this will do your work with a few clicks of mouse. Yes one of my co-worker who also work for had asked me about this solution and after few searches I found this software helpful. So here we go :

Button Favorite1. Foxmarks/Xmarks

Browser Extension (Firefox, IE, Safari)

Saves: Bookmarks, Passwords

Xmarks (formerly Foxmarks) is a browser extension that allows you to synchronize bookmarks from several locations so that they can follow you anywhere. It used to be a Firefox-only extension, but now has extend its reach to Internet Explorer and Safari. The website has a type of content search where you can see reviews and ratings for many web sites based on the users of the Xmarks extension. With the Xmarks extension installed, you’ll also notice some new icons next to your Google search results indicating ratings and reviews for some of the sites in your search results.

Xmarks also includes an option to sync your saved passwords, so that you can keep the passwords saved in one browser and share them to all the others where you installed Xmarks.

To install the Xmarks extension, go to and choose the appropriate plugin for your browser.

2. Delicious

Browser Extension (Firefox, Internet Explorer 8, Safari, Chrome)

Saves: Bookmarks

Any topic on web bookmark services will always eventually lead to (previously known as This site has been around for a while and has always been a great place to store and share your bookmarks. Delicious also allows you to tag your bookmarks with keywords, so that you can search your (or other people’s) bookmarks based on tags. From the website you can search with those tags to see what bookmarks others have submitted on that topic.

The browser extension for Firefox can be found here.

The browser extension for IE8 can be found here

The browser extension for Safari can be found here

For Google Chrome, go to the delicious site and drag the bookmarklet to the bookmark bar.

3. Mozilla Weave

Type:Browser Extension (Firefox)

Saves: Bookmarks, browsing history, saved passwords and tabs

Finally, there’s Mozilla Weave. This is a much more ambitious project than just saving your bookmarks online. Weave is intended to let you keep a complete browser “experience” from one computer to the next. It saves much more info online so that you can access things like your browsing history and tabs along with bookmarks and passwords when roaming to a different Firefox installation. Keeping things like your browser history saved online would make it a lot easier to access that page-you-were-on-yesterday-but-can’t-quite-remember-the-name, or pull up that news article you just saw but isn’t on the site’s front page anymore.

Weave appears to be a very useful tool, but unfortunately it seems to require Firefox 3.5, which is still in development. If you’re really excited to try out Weave but don’t want to wait until 3.5 is officially released as stable, you can get information on download and installation at the Mozilla Labs website

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Download Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7, The popular software in xp.

Download Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7, The popular software in xp.

When windows 7 was released I was aware of many features we will be missiong in the coming windows from Microsoft. As a System Support executive at M.B. Infotech I find many people who had bought a laptop with original windows 7 were missing the old Windows movie maker they used in Windows XP. This was a big head ach for T.V and Media reporter who were used to of the Movie Maker.

Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7
Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7

The issue was there is no any tool to edit videos under Windows 7 Home Premium to fix this issue I was using the copied Windows Movie Maker form a vista OS. But here is the Windows 7  compatible version which works natively for windows 7. This is a great news for man looking for the old day’s movie maker. This is very comfortable to work with it. Just download and install the Windows Movie Maker  2.6 for windows 7.

Click to download Movie maker from Windows Download Center.

I request all the people in T.V media to use this software and forget the tension of how to capture video from their handy cam in windows 7.

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How to export all your facebook friends contact easily

How to export all your facebook friends contact easily

Facebook Contact Export TutorialHi friends in this new world of socialization many say almost all who spend time on-line is on social networking sites. You can also find me on popular social sites like Facebook or on Twitter as well. And while using Facebook  one day I needed to export my friends list to add them to my gmail while I searched the Internet I found many tutorials but this one is the easiest method used by me and tested also.


So, today I will share you a how to guide which will let you export all your friend’s email address in csv or excel format which can be used for different purposes. You may use this trick to import your facebook contacts in your gmail or keep a copy in your computer also.

Check list what you need is the one and only any Yahoo mail ID.

Step 1.

Login to your facebook account than login to your any Yahoo mail account. Visit Contacts tab in new yahoo mail than click on Import Contacts than on Facebook Icon, You will be requested to allow permission click Okay. You will see the import message and you are done.

Steop 2.

Once the contacts are imported in Yahoo Mail, You may easily export it in csv or excel format from the Contacts tab.

Remember this tutorial or trick is important because facebook app platform doesn’t provide email so it can’t be exported by any facebook app. If this doe’snt works for you or you need any clarification you may leave a message here. Till you may like to visit my facebook profile also.