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Central University of Bihar Launches it’s New website Designed by Webx99

Central University of Bihar Launches it’s New website Designed by Webx99

Today I was quite excited as the very important launch date for one of project I was working for was scheduled today. Yes it’s a milestone project for my web design company to develop CMS based website for Central University of Bihar.

We were assigned to re design & develop the CUB’s website in the year 2012 and we did hard work to meet the standard demanded by the university in the newly developed website.  Our job was to develop a new website with new look using Joomla, my company has been developing joomla based website for our clients in Patna, Bihar. Our specially customized CMS based website’s let our client’s update their website with all the comfort of few clicks without any hassle.

The project was delayed by few months due to the quality standard and as the process was to be co-coordinated with a government body. However every thing is quite great when we got good feedback from the Committee and public also. I want to listen from you to kindly visit and let me know what you think about CUB’s new website.

CUB_New website

In the launch event Honorable Vice Chancellor along with Registrar , Committee that looks after website and some other guests were present there. I was there with Amit when the website was launched with the click of a mouse button. VC sir congratulated the whole team working on the website project we shacked hands together. Over all it was a wonderful opportunity to serve such an esteemed client.

Thanks to whole my team to bring this project to launch.

Meet Adx9 & free classified portal from Webx99

Meet Adx9 & free classified portal from Webx99

Hello every body, I have been working for website design company which was founded by me and known as currently operates from Patna, Bihar. I was wondering for a long long time to develop and launch few utility web portals as I was getting little bored working for clients only. So from many of the ideas  I have launched two of the website portals from which I am going to introduce you.

Adx9: (

Adx9 Free CLassifieds is a quick and perfect way to advertise your products, services by placing your free classified ad at this website. Your ads are shown and responded by the thousands of visitor per month. provide you free and quick ads platform.

Both the websites are community driven where people submit listings that are useful for others in case of Discount Coupons & for seller and buyer in case of free classifieds advertisement portal at

I expect goodluck from you friends and my followers for the success of these website portals. In the coming months I will be launching an free online education portal for IT Students and all with brand name Code Acharya. Thanks for reading please don’t forget to drop your important comments.


Asia’s Largest Web Hosting Summit Day 1 a big Success of RC Hosting Summit

Asia’s Largest Web Hosting Summit Day 1 a big Success of RC Hosting Summit

Hi all my friends and fans you might already have been knowing that I am here at Mumbai from last few days. I have came here at Mumbai all the way from Patna, Bihar to attend Asia’s Largest Web Hosting Summit hosted by ResellerClub in association with Verisign (.com & .net domain provider). This event is all focused on web hosting community in India to discuss and share the important facts and figures to the growing business opportunity in Web Presence business.

This Summit is a two day event I am writing this blog post just coming from the 1st day of this great event full of Knowledge, Networking & ya great party all together.

Bhavin Turakia in a Talk at RC Hosting Summit Day 1

At very first day their were many talk session by Resellerclub’s Bhavin Turakhia itself and also by Google’s Kartik Taneja, Verisign’s  Manish Dalal, Microsoft’s  Aviraj Ajgekar. These sessions really bring the latest buzz about the internet and Web.

I visited almost all the exhibitor’s desk and got comfortable discussion about their products and services and yeah also got free stuffs and discount coupons. I also shared my web design companies plans to sell Domain NameWeb Hosting and related web Presence products via our Website internationally.

I meet with many of entrepreneurs and sme owners related to the same industry and shared our experiences among them.

We have been treated with awesome lunch & dinner that we really all have enjoyed. And at last but the entertaining part of the day 1 of this Hosting Event was the rocking party with several performances of International artists. They made us all their just dance on the DJ’s tracks.

Overall the Summit is very success full in terms of platform it provided to me as a Web & Internet related company, Data Center Owners, Web Designers and the huge crowd of geeks present at the Summit. It was just the first day of the event and the beginning of  this great Summit to the Web Development & Web Design Industry.

Do post your comments about this post and also you can follow me on twitter to catch tomorrow’s event updates.


Well I am back at my blog

Well I am back at my blog


Ye It’s a long time I had written a blog post here at my blog, It was good when I used to write something on category that I work on or I face in my life style. As the last blog post published here says that I had written a post about a free and great software NITRO Reader that is a PDF file reader and a PDF writer / Printer as well. During these couple of months I was little away of my blog but people were still willing to read me and learn something that I have learned from some where and which is important.

So I apologies that I was out for a long long time, But no matter I was invisible from my blog but I AM BACK now. If you are wondering where I was lost, than I have to say that I was doing lot’s of works for my clients. As before the establishment of this blog I was just freelancer and used to do website projects for small business. But as you know quality pays for itself, I started receiving lots of requests for website projects from across and out of Bihar also.

I did many of them that I think I should do. Check out some of them at my Company’s website Now I realized that only making money is nothing I should enhance my knowledge further and so I decided to make a good distance from client projects.

From now I will be paying more attention to improve my skills and I am also involving my self in some research works.

Stay Tuned, I will stay close to all you via my Blog.

Vivek Kumar.
1st project with some conflicts in profession time-line

1st project with some conflicts in profession time-line

Hi friends hope you all are good. After a long time I am writing something on my personal blog. This time at very 1st I would like to tell you all that I was busy doing lot’s of New and Updating older website projects. But there was one special project on which i was busy a lot it was a project to develop a Software for a School at Saharsa named Shubhodaya Central School. I had to create a database system to View and keep records of students, teachers, make demand bills and lots more. Finaly I had finished this one project. I will tell you more about the all the features of this software which has been named as “ESAS” by our team which stand for “Expert School Administration System” perhaps in next blog post.
Except this I had done few web projects like which is a computer store at Saharsa district bihar. I am not very happy doing this project because of Clients attitude regarding payments. The client is miss guided by another local software engineer Mr. Satish of Star Soft. I respect this man but they want to do competition in our market even they have no good capabilities and experience in web field, what i think that they are good in software so they should be their. One Interesting Story about starsoft their official website is already down and website is not accessible to users for more than 1 month, than think what kind of web-service they could provide. In all these type of mess client always looses the bigger benefits and spoil their time. Good Luck to Mr. Satish and hope Mr. Nikun Tulsyan our respected client can understand all this.

Ok leave this all you should visit this project:


I welcome Krishna Collection, Patna to our web community

I welcome Krishna Collection, Patna to our web community

Hello, I was here at patna for a long time and doing what nothing new but studying some php application development and reading some CSS3 guides. And suddenly I got a call from Mr. Srikant who introduced himself as prop. of Krishna Collection, and than only in 15 days we come today to the final release of this Art and gift gallery’s website launch.

1st of all I would like to thank Mr. Srikant who offered this project to our team and shown his trust on us. Mr. Srikant is contact person of this store Krishna Collection which is situated at Fraser Road, Patna. When the project was approved our team set on work, our designers including these team member: Kashyap Watsalya, Dhruv Kumar created the website layout and selected one template which was best to fit the requirement. After some basic design works our development team worked on ER, Diagram submitted by our system analyst and shaped the popular Content Management System JOOMLA as our requirements. The last stage was to populate the website with Content data, photographs, forms, comment system and others which took about 3 days to complete. And thus the whole project is completed for the 1st release in only 7 days and now we have released the final ver of the website. Following is the list of all members who were active on this web project :

  • Vivek Kumar (System Analyst)
  • Kashyap Kumar Watsalya (Project Manager)
  • Amit Swarup Kr. Rai (Development Team)
  • Dhruv Kumar (Design Team)
  • Rakesh Chandra (Testing Team)
  • Shivesh Chandra (Programing Back-end) and others.

Ok than good day and happy web browsing, thank you for reading my blog you can leave messages to me by commenting or at my Twitter Page.

The new Unique Marketing company’s website done by me

The new Unique Marketing company’s website done by me

Hi friends and my fans I am again here on my blog to write something, I was very busy doing my great job that I love to do. Yes web development I had just finished website project for a big corporate company named Uniaxial Sales & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. and this company is a registered Service Company providing discount to their members on purchasing services they offer. The company is working with it’s brand name “Unique 30 ” .
This is a marketing company who makes business relations with stores and service providers in every city and brings discounts up to 50% on products and services purchased with Unique 30 membership card. This company is very aggressive and works on a good Idea. Idea to keep mass people out from the price hike and save money for them. As this is a new company and is aloso establishing their offices in different cities so they have huge requirements for new men on job. If you are wondering for a job right now you can visit their website: and find latest openings from career page.

As designer and developer of this website I had always tried to keep the website light weighted and clean. But we are always trying to make the website more effective and useful for both my client at Chapra or all customers of Unique 30 across India.

So this was the news regaurding my new project.
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Launch of College website on 14th feb

Launch of College website on 14th feb

Hi friends this year bring me lot’s of work and challenges in my professional life. At the start of this year I got an opportunity to create a website for hotel Vijieya. And as i had finished this project date to launch M.L.T. college website came to hand and finally after many shifted dates the website was launched for the world. Honorable Vice Chancellor of Bhupendra Narayan Mandal University, Madhepura launched the website with a mouse click. On this event held at College’s newly created lecture room website was launched in the presence of many more guests. There was a remarkable aperarence of other guests as Dr. Kavita Verma, Dr. K.P. Singh ,Registrar (B.N.M.U.), Dr. Kulanand Jha (Member Syndicate, B.N.M.U), Dr. Shyama Roy (Principal R.J.M. College, Saharsa).

The event started with the inauguration of the new lecture rooms at Mlt College, Saharsa. A book was also released on this event written by Prof. Shubhani tittled “Izhare Khyal” by Guests. After the launch of website I run a Presentation on sideshow introducing website features. This was a great opportunity for me to have a face to face interaction with such guests. The event was successful and I am very proud because of website created by me was launched by so important personality.

You can visit College website at for more details on this event.

I have finished the website project for Hotel Vijieya

I have finished the website project for Hotel Vijieya

Now taking a long breadth I am saying to all that it’s time to have some fun because I had already done lot of works. Recently I have finished the web development and design tasks for the website of Hotel Vijieya, Saharsa. The experience that I had while doing the project with client I would like share some of them to you. This was intact a very important project for me as a freelancer because the hotel is the no 1 for years and is a very important business center.
At the very 1st day, me with my friend visited the owner of hotel on a fixed appointment and were amazed on seeing the eagerness about our works. After Some discussions the project was approoved and we were paid a portion of total amount as advance. Before this we had finalised that the website will only provide information and no online booking in initial launch of website. But every arrangement by our side has been made for the Online booking system. We had also embedded a blog and social features on the website for the popularity of the website. The exact short domain name was also a acquired by us luckily. (

Finaly I had completed this fresh looking website for Hotel Vijieya, (mistakenly pronounced as vijeya)

Thanks to the supporters thanks to our honorable client and thanks to the WordPress community who let me develop these kind of advanced website with CMS features.

You should visit the website right now and have a look what I had done this time, You can also become a fan and get updated about hotel announcements, offers and news by Joining it’s online community.

Latest: I got the project for a Hotel website

Latest: I got the project for a Hotel website

Hello my all friends and well wishers this is the time to tell you about the current new project on which I have been working around. Yes I am busy right now doing a Website(in fact CMS) project for a hotel at Saharsa. If you belongs from this City probably you had guessed the best name in hotel at Saharsa. But for unknowns I have to Say that the name is “Hotel Vijieya” and which is situated in Mira Cinema Road.
Let me tell you something about the development experiences and about this website project. The project is going world wide at . The website will be fueled by the popular wordpress web application with customizations to fit the need of my Client. I had grabbed a free but elegant template for this project which is painted in Sky Blue color. It will have Social Bookmarking features, Contact forms, Google’s map a Featured Slide Show and many more.
I hope the project will be completed at the end of this month and we will be launching the website in the start of February for updates about me and my works you can follow this Web Geek on Twitter.
Thanks for giving me your love and inspiring me to do some new.