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How to Get fastest WordPress Hosting Services in India

How to Get fastest WordPress Hosting Services in India

Hey being fast when it’s about your website, speed matters, How quickly website loads to your user affects huge user experience and ultimately to conversion rates. Dosn’t matter you run a wordpress website for your business, organisation or blog faster loading of your website helps ur business.

How to get Fastest WordPress Website in India

Speed It’s very helpful to rank higher in google’s organic search. A lot of us don’t pay attention on page load time of our website but we offer best hosting services in Patna to our clients as we understnad the impact of having your website faster.

1. Choose Best Website Design Agency

For any website to load faster the first area of tuning is at the time of website design & Development. Developing website with speed in mind you must choose an experienced website design agency as they use there experience to curate just the perfect light weight website for your business. Our agency offers Custom WordPress Hosting & WordPress Website design services in Patna, Bihar.

2. Finding the Best Web Hosting Service for Your website

Again based on your budget and traffic requirment you should choose the right web hosting from different type of hosting services available such as Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers etc. If you want your site to load faster you should start with Cloud VPS hosting and while choosing VPS Server choose the datacenter nearest to your Users country. These days VPS Hosting also Popularly known as Cloud VPS Hosting are very affordable choose from DigitalOcean, AWS or Linode. We also offer managed VPS hosting services in Patna which includes server setup, full stack setup firewall & monitoring services.

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3. Tuning The servers to optimise for Speed

Now when you have get your wordpress website designed and choosen the right Cloud Hosting parter for your website It’s important to tune the web server to perform best from available resourses. From using simple Browser caching, Gzip Compression to advanced in memory caching such as MEMCACHE, Redis do help a lot when it comes to fast loading wordpress website.

We reccomend users to leverage basic page caching alwasy but when it comes to handling huge traffic tunning of PHP, MYSQL and using cdn services also helps your website load faster.

Hope you learned the 3 steps to take if you want your worpdress website wheter it’s a personal blog or a news portal load faster. You should test the performance using Google’s Page Speed or GTmetrix website speed test.

When you need help with optimising or even designing your website feel free to reach my web design agency in Patna we power 100’s of website’s with many sites having above lakh on average daily page views. Hope this guide will help you choosing the right WordPress Hosting services for your website.

5 must have WordPress Plugins for Business Websites (My Pick)

5 must have WordPress Plugins for Business Websites (My Pick)

Have been a wordpress developer for more than 10 years I came through development of several dozens business websites as a lead web developer at Webx99 a web design company in Patna which uses Open Source technology as it’s core development tools.

Today I am going to list top 5 plugins we use with every WordPress website design project for almost all kinds of wrodpress websites we develop from personal blogs to business website to Government Websites.

1. W3 Total Cache: Who dosn’t want their website to be as fast as the days when static websites were in fashion with all the power of wordpress website’s dynamic nature in content still we can use plugin like W3 Total Cache to cache dynamic information and optimise website to be served faster  to users. The plugin supports CDN, Compression , Database Query Cache, Browser Cache and all modern techniques one can leverage within wordpress for faster website. There are other popular alternate like WP Super Cache also an option I use some time but I use Caching for all website’s me or our team at Webx99 design and develop.

2. Contact Form 7: You must have used or heard of this plugin if you are a wordpress developer even for a very short time, Everybody want’s a form on their website in form of enquiry form, feedback form or to capture booking data. This Plugin is used by me on almost all projects for simple contact form to sometime complex booking engine.  This plugin supports normal html input fields to date, dropdown, file uploads and more.

3. Simple Light Box: Converting your old fashion ugly gallery to beautiful modern gallery with light-box effect can be done with this plugin, It’s simple and easy to setup. There are other plugins also available in wordpress plugin directory but I use this for it’s simplicity and support for current version of Wordrpess.

4. All in One SEO Pack: If you are worrying too much about good ranking in google and other search engines and spending lots of time modifying and optimising your wordpress website use this plugin which will come handy for seo purposes it has all tools for SEO like SITEMAP generation submission, meta tags optimisation and lots of more features. Just use the plugin as a tool for Search engine optimisation of your website if you want to do it yourself. Our company can manage all your SEO worries as Webx99 also offers SEO service in Patna and Bihar.

5. ImsanityName might not be clear but this plugin is essential for my all wordpress website project specially where lot’s of content to be created with time. You might have encountered situations when your website users (clients) in most cases don’t care for size of image they are uploading they would upload a direct shot image from DSLR with size sometimes above 20mb.  This not only wastes the disk space of servers but also slows down the page load and consumes unprecedented amount of bandwidth. Imsanity plugin comes to rescue and will resize the resolution of image uploaded and will eliminate all such issue. We must use this plugin for news portals, blogs and in some cases with Photography websites.

There are many other plugins which I use quite often but they are not as common as above listed plugins and are for specific use cases. If you liked this article don’t forget to share it with your friends and you can also follow me on Twitter or on my linkedin profile.

5 tools for WordPress website Performance Testing

5 tools for WordPress website Performance Testing

There are many articles written by different bloggers on wordpress website optimisation and ways to improve load time of your website/ perfomance.  I have been managing approx 200 wordpress based business website & blogs for ,  few with huge traffic consuming huge bandwidth. Today I would be listing few tools that I have been using and recommending other developers to use them before they put website to live from development environment.

I won’t be putting detailed features comparison between these tools and web applications but a basic overview and what a particular tool does’s and how it can help you in testing perfomance of your wordpress website. And one more thing however i am writing this article focusing wordpress based website perfomance testing but it can be as helpful for any website no matter built just with html css or using any cms.

Tools to Test WordPress Performance:

  1. GTMetrix can be used as a benchmarking tool it has a very well crafted interface that allows you to not only see the load time but to get details on Google Pagespeed score and Yahoo’s YSlow scores also.  It also puts suggestions to consider improving the performance and possible fixes.
  2. KeyCDN Speed Test is a simple tool that will display asset loading and total time it took for the website to finish loading. It can be used to test the CDN speed as many of wordpress themes and other templates use CDN hosted assets like bootstrap css, jquery, font-awesome and other libraries.
  3. Pingdom Tools: One of very popular tool to test page load time, it also displays detailed analysis of loaded assets by type like images, scripts, html etc. It’s my favorite tool.
RechargeFlip Mobile Recharge Portal Made in Bihar with Love

RechargeFlip Mobile Recharge Portal Made in Bihar with Love

Recharge-Flip-Logo2I am writing this story about a Fast, simple and intuitive online mobile recharge & dth recharge e-commerce website which is made totally in Bihar by the whole team of developers, designers  from Bihar. is the website that uses PHP, MYSQL and javascript as it’s basic ingredient, This website portal is owned by Mr. Prateek  an entrepreneur who lives in Patna, Bihar.

You can simply go the website register for an account and within seconds you are ready to CHARGE your mobile in instant, this website uses the highest level of Security measures for it’s payment transactions.  Payment is powered by PAYU another giant in payment gateway market in India a brand by GoIbibo guys. Recharge is very fast and the whole website has been developed to protect your money in case any recharge goes fail for any reason. You would not only love the website’s simplicity but also the quality service and support. Your account is secured with SSL technology for your peace of privacy. I would simply recommend my friends and followers to once try and feel proud to use a service made in bihar with love by Webx99 Team for our esteemed client Mr. Prateek.

Recharge Flip - Mobile Recharge Service from Bihar with Love
Recharge Flip – Mobile Recharge Service from Bihar with Love

As a project manager I have just looked in to the timeline for the projects development, design and testing, we would like to thank the owner of this project who put his faith in us. And as Webx99 team always tries to deliver the project within the timeline approved we were ready with the project after doing all primary tests within the timeline.

As the e-commerce market is growing with a very good sign to this industry let’s hope and wish great success to the brand Rechargeflip. Our whole team of website design and application development at patna and outside city would wish the startup guy a great success. This website is a milestone we have achieved by adding this website  to our portfolio by proving the team’s capabilities to work on large applications from scratch within the timeline. So if you or your partner is in search for a website designer that also have capabilities to program the application from scratch do contact your’s favorite website design company in patna (Webx99)  to get complete solution.