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Education System in Bihar and it’s view about Information Technology

Education System in Bihar and it’s view about Information Technology

As a technology blogger among very few from bihar perhaps 😉 , I some how every day come to news related to the worst view on Information Technology by Bihar Educational institutions including government of Bihar. A recent story came to my knowledge when I got informed by my company staff that website of B.N. Mandal UNIVERSITY  is about to shutdown because authority didn’t respond to or react to the renewal reminder for their website www.bnmu.in .

BNMU Website NO MOREMy company staff told me that all the letters and e mailers already sent to university concern person/department with request to renew their website but no required attention provided by the university authority side.

There has been many stories in local news and online magazine about the down website incident . After the website of the university in no more exists these days students are unable to get any information related to exams, results and other academic details.

A local news portal of Madhepura district also published the stories:

मंडल यूनिवर्सिटी का वेबसाईट फिर हुआ खल्लास !

क्या मंडल विश्वविद्यालय का वेबसाईट आज हो जायेगा गायब ?

This is another shame on the dignity of the BNM University, as our company is getting too many calls regarding the status of website we have already mentioned everything that University had ignored all the CONSOLIDATED RENEWAL reminder and even they didn’t responded with any satisfactory conversation on renewing the site. Site can be renewed within 7 days by paying additional charges after that domain will go in redemption period when can be renewed with a heavy penalty.   God save our education system  in bihar wish a good luck for students doing road shows for results what a shame.

Much awaited Cheapest Tablet Aakash launched in India

Much awaited Cheapest Tablet Aakash launched in India

Yes India did this first the much awaited and world’s cheapest tablet computer named “Aakash” is finally launched in India. Reminding you that this tablet was named “Sakshat” in past by government of India. But finally government announced it’s launch with the Price and features and availability also.

When the announcement of this $ 35 Tablet was made a year ago lot’s of people were wondering the actual come up product about what it will carry in with it.

The Specifications:

But now here is the specification that is really unbelievable by me and may be for you also, here’s the features announced.

Aakash the Chepest Tablet

  • 7″ resistive touch screen (at 800×480 pixel resolution)
  • 366 Mhz Connexant processor
  • 256MB RAM
  • 2GB internal Flash memory
  • 2 USB Ports
  • Weighs 350gm
  • 2100mAH battery
  • WiFi
  • 3.5mm audio jack

Avialibility and Pricing:

Now it’s wondering that the price is set to approx INR Rs. 1770 as said by government after applying subsidies to students. But this will available in open market at approximate cost of 3000 and between 3500 as Ubislate the manufacturer said. The ubislate’s commercial ver will bring aditional feature like inbuilt modem to get acess to internet.

The Story of this tablet is much talked, blogged and discussed these days. But leave the each thing I will definitely buying this tablet as it comes to open market and also try to get the subsidized ver of this tablet as a Student. Comment and tell me what will you doing Will you buy this tablet?

Much awaited

Best free blogging services for Indian’s

Best free blogging services for Indian’s

Best Blogging services Review

Hi friends I am really sorry that I was out for a month and unable to update the blog, but I am very happy for the huge good responses I am getting daily about this blog. As in previous post I had discussed why Indians (every one) should blog. If you read that article and got the secret and known the benefits of blogging and wondering to start a blog right now or if you had just started a blog very recently than this post is for you.

I will not only tell you the most popular and best free blog hosting services but also review them in brief. Before I start listing them I would like to clear some points on which I will rate these blogging services. Following are the terms and their short description:

  • Scalability: It means if your blog becomes much popular than you must need good speed and server side power for your blog to run smoothly.
  • Migration:  If you need to move your free blog to self hosted powerful blogging services like (WordPress) than your free started blogging service may be migrated easily without loosing any post.
  • Locality: Indians must see one thing before choosing their blog service, the locality (Language support).
  • User friendly: Blog service must be easier to use and customize it’s design.

Some other points that should be kept in mind is popularity, no forced ad and custom domain (yourdomain.com) options.

Now here is the popular hosted blogging services Indian’s should choose:

  1. Blogger.com : Best for hindi blogs, reliablity and is popular in india and abrod. Custom domain option easy to Use.
  2. WordPress.com: Free hosted blog service of worlds most popular self hosted blogging platform WordPress. Hindi support, many themes, easy to use, scalable, migration enabled.
  3. WordPress.org: Same features as at WordPress.com but self hosted ideal for big blogs like our. TechMitra is hosted by us and uses wordpress.
  4. TypePad: Premium and Free hosted blog service, this is free but scalable if needed.
  5. Blog.co.in: Indian Blogging Service multilingual, write in hindi and other language.

You are recommended by me to use only Blogger.com or WordPress.com never use non popular blogging services they can cheat you after your blog gets popular. One more thing Blogger.com only provides 1gb of storage for your blogger account and Picassa account. But WordPress.com is good in this. To add your blog in the list please comment below.