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Low Cost MVP App built for Startup on NUXT in 3 hours

Low Cost MVP App built for Startup on NUXT in 3 hours

In this 2nd wave of Covid 19 Pandemic in India many young generation entrepreneurs are coming to help society with their Ideas in many ways they can. In Bihar’s town Muzaffarpur everything is not same as metro cities of India, people were facing lots of issue with travel restrictions to fetch essential medicines and essentials.

A young graduate from Muzaffarpur reached out to me to build a simplest form of web app where he can take online medicine order in Muzaffarpur. The orders received via Whatsapp can be organised and delivered by there volunteers following proper Covid norms. As this was a noble cause and we had to make some kind of MVP overnight for App name decided as Dawa Gaadi we choose Nuxt.Js for making a quick landing page for DawaGaadi.com

Simple Nuxt App Landing Page for Dawa Gaadi

This time we choose to develop our first production web app development using NUXT. The current app is very basic with Server Side Rendering, bi lingual (Hindi & English).

As I have very long experience as full stack PHP developer it was not very hard to build first app on NUXT which is a Vue.Js framework. It took only 3 hrs to setup, customise design for the landing page (bootstrap 5 is used), configure SSR and host it online.

How does my 1st Nuxt App looks on Mobile?

Dawa Gaadi App Screens

For long time I have used Laravel for backend & frontend customised app development for our clients in Bihar. I have been making cross platform mobile apps using Corodova & IONIC framework under my company Webx99 which provides Android App Development in Patna, Bihar for long time.

My Experience of Building first Nuxt.js (MVP App)

The experience of building an app on Javascript framework was very interesting and fun, Currently I am building a full-stack website using headless cms concept over Nuxt once launched I would start providing Node & Javascript development on both NEXT.Js which is a React framework and Nuxt.Js which is Vue javascript framework under my web development company Webx99 based in Patna.

In the meantime If you want are a startup trying to build a affordable MVP for your Mobile APP feel free to choose us for Mobile App Development in Bihar. Also you can follow me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/xvivek for any questions.

JustUrban PWA Web & Mobile app Case Study

JustUrban PWA Web & Mobile app Case Study

With the increased compute power of our handheld smartphones and browser Google provided push to Progressive Web Apps back in 2017-2018. Many of world’s popular brands have built one for them from Goibibo, Tinder, Flipkart, Myntra and more.

So what exactly is PWAs ?

It’s some short of giving mobile app features to your web application with modern web capabilities to deliver fast optimized website with app like behavior on supported browsers. Today PWAs are now supported on all major browsers. You can build mobile experience with same old web application technologies by adding support for pwa.

Why PWAs?

  • Light weight than traditional mobile app builds
  • Os independent easily maintainable and installable from web browser prompt.
  • Excellent caching and Offline functionality on un consistent network.
  • Faster loading resulting Better SEO rankings due to Google loves optimized pages.
  • Higher conversion rate due to functionality and faster loading of app UI. Read Goibibo PWA case study how they increased conversion rates significantly.

Not only above features we can use many features like touch vibration, push notification, share feature, geo location request and many others new features like read sms OTP and more.

Why we chose to build PWA mobile app for JustUrban?

JustUrban is a local service provider app which provides home services like Salon at Home, Photography, Events, Cleaning Services, Laundry via their web and mobile app to customers. As this is a startup they had to build MVP to try their Idea fastest track was to build a unified PWA web and mobile app for android with PWA capabilities.

JustUrban PWA Case Study
Just Urban Mobile App UX

The Google’s Lighthouse Performance score was 95 best we could get. The app loads in browser in 1-2 seconds. The UX is built with Bootstrap 5, we did many optimizations like lazy image loading, used system fonts and more.

The frontend offers customers to book appointment for services by selecting Preferred Date, Time and confirm booking by seamlessly validating their mobile number with OTP. Backend is build on Laravel the very popular PHP Framework.

If you are also looking for Laravel Development in Patna feel free to discuss about your project. As my company Webx99 provides both Full Stack Web Development & Mobile app development in Patna this project is first PWA app we launched in 2021.

How RailMitra App uses AI & ML to make your Train Travel more predictable?

How RailMitra App uses AI & ML to make your Train Travel more predictable?

In India Trains are still the most preferred method of travel for masses and the size of travellers who travel each day with Indian Railways is massive. The information is key for passengers traveling via train to keep their travel comfortable and cut the several issues they have to face, RailMitra is the answer to multiple issues train travellers come across in smarter way using cross platform App with PWA capabilities which lets it work seamlessly across devices and platforms.

What RailMitra app does for train Travellers?

RailMitra as the name is a friend for every train traveler currently you can get information about your PNR status, Predictions or chance of Wait-list ticket confirmation, Train Running Information, Train Schedule, Fare information etc. which uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning practices in background. Later team of RailMitra have roadmap to offer multiple services to train travellers such as Order Food in Train, Book Train Tickets, Book Bust Ticket and more.

How RailMitra App is implementing AI & ML practices?

“Nitish Kumar” the founder of RailMitra is focused on implementing Artificial Intelligence , Machine learning practices in RailMitra Mobile and Web application.  As a lead product developer for RailMitra I have been heading a team of developers to implement various AI and ML techniques to make app more useful for users and provide information they need. Not only we are trying hard provide recommendations and information about Train Ticket but our engine is also gathering huge amount of data for every user search to make their user experience great.

Apart from improving user experience we are gathering historical data of all  trains running instances to provide you recommendations for booking train ticket, food or plan your travel based on train delays predictions and more. These features would roll with time as we gather more data.

Summing Up

As we are dealing with huge data-set and processing information we would frequently release train running performance reports users feedback about stations and more.

Consequently, as RailMitra expands and progresses I would share more information on it.  Working with such app while learning and implementing AI is a highly exciting for me. If you have any thoughts on this app or have anything to say do share your ideas, feedback and recommendation to me at my Twitter handle @XVIVEK do follow me and share this article from below.