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Finding Coaching Classes in Your City is easy

Finding Coaching Classes in Your City is easy

Ever felt the pain of finding the right Coaching Institute for in your city asking friends by calling over looking on banners/posters outside than shortlisting some visiting each one for counseling about their features course details etc. And the pain was huge when we needed some Music, Dance swimming classes in our city for coaching. Now to over come with this pain a victim (that’s me)  have developed a platform to give you the coaching institutes every smallest details in you look into to take admission from reviews by public/audience to features to Course details, Track records and also editorial review and rating.



The project is named COACHING Search so you can visit this website every time when you need to find a coaching institute in your city. This website is a comprehensive directory of coaching classes in India and so it’s called WIKIPEDIA of Coaching Institutes in India.

Coaching Classes Web Directory
Coaching Classes Web Directory

So if you are looking to find the best coaching class where you should be just visit www.Coachingsearch.in and get the all information you need about the coaching institute on your finger tips. And yes don’t ask superman which coaching you should be in 🙂 ever again.

PNB launched New revamped Internet Banking Interface

PNB launched New revamped Internet Banking Interface

India’s Leading bank Punjab National Bank has launched improved and new Internet Banking interface. Now you will love it’s new interface.. it’s 300 times better than the previous annoying interface as per my experience. In the revamped Banking Interface many of NEW Features has been added like SELECT your OWN Login/User ID , RESET Passwords now online and lot’s of new Features I Liked this.

PNB Net banking Login Interface
Revamped PNB Net banking Login Interface

As being a customer of Punjab National Bank I was not very satisfied with it’s services at local town branch. I had tried several times to reset my transaction password of PNB internet banking by visiting branch but due to no support at the branch I was unable to get my TXN password reset. But now the new interface allows you to reset your both or single passwords online. Now change your forgotten password of Punjab National Bank Internet banking online.

PNB Internet Banking Dashboard
PNB’s New Internet Banking Dashboard

I am loving the new interface now it’s very easy to use online banking and transfer funds from Punjab National Bank online banking. If you are a PNB account holder and use internet banking go and check the new Interface and leave your feedback in the comments.

One software that reads and write PDF files all for free

One software that reads and write PDF files all for free

If you are ok to read PDF files on your pc than it’s good enough to have acrobat reader in your programs list. But guy in case you want to write your documents to PDF format you will need to upgrade adobe’s reader to avail the feature which doesn’t costs free to you. This post will introduce you the best software ever which is free to use with great features except simply reading and writing pdf files.

Here I am writing about Nitro Reader that gives you the best of both worlds. It’s a PDF Reader for Windows that you may also use for creating PDFs from Office documents, web pages and virtually any other Windows application that has the print button.

Free PDF reader and writer

The other great features :

If you would to convert a batch of files into PDFs, simply drag them all to the Nitro Reader icon on your desktop and they’ll be converted into PDFs almost instantly. It can’t get any easier than this.

Other than PDF generation, Nitro Reader offers some other useful features as well. For instance, you can import an image of your signature into Nitro and turn it into a stamp. The next time you want to sign a PDF file, simply add that stamp using Nitro Reader itself.

The software has a useful “Extract Images” feature that you may use to extract and export all images from a PDF into individual files. This is handy if you want to re-use any of the images from that PDF but don’t have access to the document from which that PDF file was originally created.

Nitro PDF Reader is available for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (x86 and x64 editions) as well. So guys go and rush for your free copy which will free up your pc resources  installing two apps reading and writing PDF files. You can download from Nitro Reader website.

Indian Currency got it’s proud Symbol as other foreign currency

Indian Currency got it’s proud Symbol as other foreign currency

A good news for all individual from India, Symbol for Indian currency has been finalized by the team.

The Indian rupee will join the dollar, yen, euro and pound with its own symbol.

The new currency icon is an amalgam of the character for ”Ra” in the ancient Devanagari script used in Hindi and the Roman capital ”R” without the stem.

”The symbol for the rupee would lend a distinctive character and identity to the currency and further highlight the strength and robustness of the Indian economy as also a favored destination for global investments,” the government said in a statement.

It ”reflects and captures the Indian ethos and culture”, the government said.

The symbol will also help distinguish the Indian currency from other national currencies, especially those also designated as rupee or rupiah, such as Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

Best free blogging services for Indian’s

Best free blogging services for Indian’s

Best Blogging services Review

Hi friends I am really sorry that I was out for a month and unable to update the blog, but I am very happy for the huge good responses I am getting daily about this blog. As in previous post I had discussed why Indians (every one) should blog. If you read that article and got the secret and known the benefits of blogging and wondering to start a blog right now or if you had just started a blog very recently than this post is for you.

I will not only tell you the most popular and best free blog hosting services but also review them in brief. Before I start listing them I would like to clear some points on which I will rate these blogging services. Following are the terms and their short description:

  • Scalability: It means if your blog becomes much popular than you must need good speed and server side power for your blog to run smoothly.
  • Migration:  If you need to move your free blog to self hosted powerful blogging services like (WordPress) than your free started blogging service may be migrated easily without loosing any post.
  • Locality: Indians must see one thing before choosing their blog service, the locality (Language support).
  • User friendly: Blog service must be easier to use and customize it’s design.

Some other points that should be kept in mind is popularity, no forced ad and custom domain (yourdomain.com) options.

Now here is the popular hosted blogging services Indian’s should choose:

  1. Blogger.com : Best for hindi blogs, reliablity and is popular in india and abrod. Custom domain option easy to Use.
  2. WordPress.com: Free hosted blog service of worlds most popular self hosted blogging platform WordPress. Hindi support, many themes, easy to use, scalable, migration enabled.
  3. WordPress.org: Same features as at WordPress.com but self hosted ideal for big blogs like our. TechMitra is hosted by us and uses wordpress.
  4. TypePad: Premium and Free hosted blog service, this is free but scalable if needed.
  5. Blog.co.in: Indian Blogging Service multilingual, write in hindi and other language.

You are recommended by me to use only Blogger.com or WordPress.com never use non popular blogging services they can cheat you after your blog gets popular. One more thing Blogger.com only provides 1gb of storage for your blogger account and Picassa account. But WordPress.com is good in this. To add your blog in the list please comment below.

I welcome Krishna Collection, Patna to our web community

I welcome Krishna Collection, Patna to our web community

Hello, I was here at patna for a long time and doing what nothing new but studying some php application development and reading some CSS3 guides. And suddenly I got a call from Mr. Srikant who introduced himself as prop. of Krishna Collection, and than only in 15 days we come today to the final release of this Art and gift gallery’s website launch.

1st of all I would like to thank Mr. Srikant who offered this project to our team and shown his trust on us. Mr. Srikant is contact person of this store Krishna Collection which is situated at Fraser Road, Patna. When the project was approved our team set on work, our designers including these team member: Kashyap Watsalya, Dhruv Kumar created the website layout and selected one template which was best to fit the requirement. After some basic design works our development team worked on ER, Diagram submitted by our system analyst and shaped the popular Content Management System JOOMLA as our requirements. The last stage was to populate the website with Content data, photographs, forms, comment system and others which took about 3 days to complete. And thus the whole project is completed for the 1st release in only 7 days and now we have released the final ver of the website. Following is the list of all members who were active on this web project :

  • Vivek Kumar (System Analyst)
  • Kashyap Kumar Watsalya (Project Manager)
  • Amit Swarup Kr. Rai (Development Team)
  • Dhruv Kumar (Design Team)
  • Rakesh Chandra (Testing Team)
  • Shivesh Chandra (Programing Back-end) and others.

Ok than good day and happy web browsing, thank you for reading my blog you can leave messages to me by commenting or at my Twitter Page.

15 best websites to play free online games in india

15 best websites to play free online games in india

Free Online Games
Free Online Games

Hi everybody there wishing you very happy new year. My young friends across India told me to review and list the best websites for playing online games. That’s why I will be writing this post describing about the websites for online gaming in this post. Let me make it clear to you that the online flash based arcade, action, sports, racing games are not only popular among young school guys but are liked much a lot by the professionals and working service man. Service man often serf web for searching good websites filled with exciting games to make their boring or spare office time some entertaining.

So friends here is the list of the best and most popular gaming sites in india:

  1. Zapak.com : The very popular and most visited site for online games by Indian Internet users. The website is devoted for creating good games targeted to every category of person from children to younger ones. The site has features to save highest scores and jump in group competition.
  2. GameKhel.com: Game Khel is a website by the group of India Times, it has a huge collection of single and multiplayer games. Features Cricket, Racing, arcade, Puzzle and other games. The website is flavored with all types of flash games Indian’s like most.
  3. In.com Games: In.com is getting so much popularity for it’s complete web services.It’s gaming portal is very feature rich and keeps good no of games there. Players can chat and play together for more fun. This is a venture of Web18 networks.
  4. WebDunia.com Games: Webdunia.com is known as the 1st Hindi portal of the world has a well organized and good gaming site for Indians. some of the games are based on Indian characters and heroes.
  5. Sify Games: This gaming portal is powered by Sify India popular email and web service provider in India. the site has not a very big collection but have some of good games.
  6. IndiaGames.com: This website is also good for several types of games targeted to Indian gamers.
  7. SantaBanta.com: You can play some really cool and entertaining flash games at entertainment portal santabanta.com.
  8. IndiaArcade.com: This website is a multilingual arcade games site with good collection.
  9. IndiaGames.net: You can play games and also download them without registering on this website.
  10. GamezIndia.com: Play games with your friends and challange them at this game site.

These were the sites to play games for free which is popular in india. Now following is the list of popular gaming sites worldwide.

  1. MiniClip.com: This is the name of world’s most famous flash game makers. The website has the biggest collection of games which are popular too. You can download some popular games by MiniClip to your system and play them offline also.
  2. ShockWave.com: You can play many of international free online games and also can download them.
  3. Addictinggames.com: Choose and play flash based online games from collection of above 3000 games.
  4. Pogo.com: It is great place to play cools online games.
  5. FreeOnlinegames.com: This is also a place to play games online.

Guys and Girls I will warn you to check your Internet data plans before having too much fun on Internet playing online games because they use a good amount of Internet bandwidth( I will recommend to have unlimited data plan). Ok, You can suggest ME to write on specific topics comment on this post and choose to subscribe to this blogs RSS Feed in your favorite reader.