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JustUrban PWA Web & Mobile app Case Study

JustUrban PWA Web & Mobile app Case Study

With the increased compute power of our handheld smartphones and browser Google provided push to Progressive Web Apps back in 2017-2018. Many of world’s popular brands have built one for them from Goibibo, Tinder, Flipkart, Myntra and more.

So what exactly is PWAs ?

It’s some short of giving mobile app features to your web application with modern web capabilities to deliver fast optimized website with app like behavior on supported browsers. Today PWAs are now supported on all major browsers. You can build mobile experience with same old web application technologies by adding support for pwa.

Why PWAs?

  • Light weight than traditional mobile app builds
  • Os independent easily maintainable and installable from web browser prompt.
  • Excellent caching and Offline functionality on un consistent network.
  • Faster loading resulting Better SEO rankings due to Google loves optimized pages.
  • Higher conversion rate due to functionality and faster loading of app UI. Read Goibibo PWA case study how they increased conversion rates significantly.

Not only above features we can use many features like touch vibration, push notification, share feature, geo location request and many others new features like read sms OTP and more.

Why we chose to build PWA mobile app for JustUrban?

JustUrban is a local service provider app which provides home services like Salon at Home, Photography, Events, Cleaning Services, Laundry via their web and mobile app to customers. As this is a startup they had to build MVP to try their Idea fastest track was to build a unified PWA web and mobile app for android with PWA capabilities.

JustUrban PWA Case Study
Just Urban Mobile App UX

The Google’s Lighthouse Performance score was 95 best we could get. The app loads in browser in 1-2 seconds. The UX is built with Bootstrap 5, we did many optimizations like lazy image loading, used system fonts and more.

The frontend offers customers to book appointment for services by selecting Preferred Date, Time and confirm booking by seamlessly validating their mobile number with OTP. Backend is build on Laravel the very popular PHP Framework.

If you are also looking for Laravel Development in Patna feel free to discuss about your project. As my company Webx99 provides both Full Stack Web Development & Mobile app development in Patna this project is first PWA app we launched in 2021.

Central University of Bihar Launches it’s New website Designed by Webx99

Central University of Bihar Launches it’s New website Designed by Webx99

Today I was quite excited as the very important launch date for one of project I was working for was scheduled today. Yes it’s a milestone project for my web design company to develop CMS based website for Central University of Bihar.

We were assigned to re design & develop the CUB’s website in the year 2012 and we did hard work to meet the standard demanded by the university in the newly developed website.  Our job was to develop a new website with new look using Joomla, my company Webx99.com has been developing joomla based website for our clients in Patna, Bihar. Our specially customized CMS based website’s let our client’s update their website with all the comfort of few clicks without any hassle.

The project was delayed by few months due to the quality standard and as the process was to be co-coordinated with a government body. However every thing is quite great when we got good feedback from the Committee and public also. I want to listen from you to kindly visit www.cub.ac.in and let me know what you think about CUB’s new website.

CUB_New website

In the launch event Honorable Vice Chancellor along with Registrar , Committee that looks after website and some other guests were present there. I was there with Amit when the website was launched with the click of a mouse button. VC sir congratulated the whole team working on the website project we shacked hands together. Over all it was a wonderful opportunity to serve such an esteemed client.

Thanks to whole my team to bring this project to launch.

Understand Types of Web Hosting, Web Hosting Comparison

Understand Types of Web Hosting, Web Hosting Comparison

Hi all my friends, fans & followers I know many of you understand web hosting services which is needed to host a website. Web hosting services enables your website to be served via web server which is kept at data centers. I know many of you are aware of different types of Web Hosting Services which is differentiated by the server availability, capacity, reliability & more properties.

Main Type of Web Hosting Service:

  • Shared Hosting (Most Popular, Cheaper less reliable For Small/ little traffic Website)
  • VPS Hosting (Costly than Shared Hosting, more reliable than shared hosting, For Medium Sized/ moderate traffic Websites)
  • Dedicate Hosting (Much costly, for large websites with heavy traffic.)

Easily Understand Hosting Types via Following Info-graphic:

Types Of Web Hosting
Types Of Web Hosting

Now I believe you got the differences between Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting & Dedicated Hosting. I request you to drop your view about this article in comment as you know I love reading comments. Further if you own a domain name and need web hosting service to bring your website online, I recommend you to buy web hosting from Webx99 known best web hosting company in Patna Bihar since 2007.