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Now taking a long breadth I am saying to all that it’s time to have some fun because I had already done lot of works. Recently I have finished the web development and design tasks for the website of Hotel Vijieya, Saharsa. The experience that I had while doing the project with client I would like share some of them to you. This was intact a very important project for me as a freelancer because the hotel is the no 1 for years and is a very important business center.
At the very 1st day, me with my friend visited the owner of hotel on a fixed appointment and were amazed on seeing the eagerness about our works. After Some discussions the project was approoved and we were paid a portion of total amount as advance. Before this we had finalised that the website will only provide information and no online booking in initial launch of website. But every arrangement by our side has been made for the Online booking system. We had also embedded a blog and social features on the website for the popularity of the website. The exact short domain name was also a acquired by us luckily. (

Finaly I had completed this fresh looking website for Hotel Vijieya, (mistakenly pronounced as vijeya)

Thanks to the supporters thanks to our honorable client and thanks to the WordPress community who let me develop these kind of advanced website with CMS features.

You should visit the website right now and have a look what I had done this time, You can also become a fan and get updated about hotel announcements, offers and news by Joining it’s online community.