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Google TV
Google TV

Hello every one once again me Vivek is writing my view and doing my favorite job to keep you updated with important technology news, that is really important to know for Indian. As a Indian technology blogger I am only blogging on topics that is hot in the tech world and you should be familiar with them. As a internet user you must know the company google. Yes this is the company which owns a very big part of revenue from internet or web. This time also I am to tell you about the new upcoming product of google this time it is related with TV yes television.

Google is trying to build tv system to run web applications directly on your tv with set top box. Google has tied up with Sony, Intel and Logitech and they are working to make a technology which can run web applications with ease on TV. For this what they are doing is that they are making TV-Set Top box which will bring the web in your tv. Than we can do every thing we do on internet through the TV in our bed room directly.

For the development of this technology Google is using Android as programing platform which is already powering Google’s Smart-phones. Google is also planing to open it’s TV platform to developers so that twitter, facebook, online games and other web apps can come to your home through google TV. Google will be developing the software part and the Set Top Box will be powered by Intel’s Atom Processor.

Now what do you think about the new initiative of google, what ever you think it seems a good turn in technology but If I as a web developer have to say about google’s strategy than I will say that after capturing Internet and Mobile advertising google is trying to make more money and more audience by landing directly to our homes. This was my own opinion but what ever I say google is changing the way we interact on Internet, finally I will say good luck to Google’s TV team.

Currently we are already having some media devices which is based on Linux or flash which has capabilities to stream Youtube videos and similar sites in the market but the Google TV can really bring the whole web on our TV.

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