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Top 3 Reasons to Add HTTPS to Your Business Website

Top 3 Reasons to Add HTTPS to Your Business Website

Today I am going to list the top 3 reasons you should be using HTTPS on your business or personal websites, I won’t go very deep in the technical details of HTTPS or the way encryption works and keeps communication between your browser and server secure and private. This article focuses very brief about HTTPS and the top reasons you should use SSL protocol or HTTPS over the old http for your website.

Why chose HTTPS over HTTP

What are the benefits of using HTTPS vs. HTTP?

1. It helps with the security of Your website: The https protocol scrambles the data say any input you make in browser or request any page from server while browsing website/ web apps so that it can’t be seen or read by any one between your Browser and Server. For example every request you make from your browser goes to server via your internet service provider or ISP which can tap in to the content been transmitted. Thus it’s secure to use https and not http which transmits information in plain text to server.

Google’s experts says even if you don’t ask for sensitive information on your business website even than you should be using HTTPS to protect users privacy and any exchange of information between your website’s users and you. So HTTPS will help you with the security of your users and server.

2. HTTPS is good for SEO and helps you rank higher: Experts from SEO industry has confirmed that having a Secured site (Using HTTPS) helps your website rank higher in Search results by search engines. Google loves and gives priority to websites using SSL/ HTTPS over the http protocol. So if you are a business website owner and is focusing to get your website rank good in search engines setup HTTPS on your website. Recently google search started demoting non https websites in search results and also displays warning in browser address bar.

HTTP Vs HTTPS in chrome browser.

3. Many Advanced Web Technology requires HTTPS: If you are in serious about search result, website visibility and security of your website using HTTPS is must as even many browser features like PWA (Progressive web apps ) & even google’s AMP (Faster and lightweight website framework by google) requires you to have ssl/ https enabled on your website to leverage many features.

To use users location api or send push notification in browser you must use HTTPS as service workers which is required component for PWA to work.

As conclusion if you are still using the http on your website and have not setup https on your website ask your developer/ agency to implement it. My web development agency in patna bihar has started offering free HTTPS support with our website packages to our all customers.

You can use a purchased ssl or free ssl certificate from Let’s encrypt to secure your website. If you are having your website already and want help related to web security server management etc you can always reach me or ask question on my twitter handle ( ).

Finding Coaching Classes in Your City is easy

Finding Coaching Classes in Your City is easy

Ever felt the pain of finding the right Coaching Institute for in your city asking friends by calling over looking on banners/posters outside than shortlisting some visiting each one for counseling about their features course details etc. And the pain was huge when we needed some Music, Dance swimming classes in our city for coaching. Now to over come with this pain a victim (that’s me) ¬†have developed a platform to give you the coaching institutes every smallest details in you look into to take admission from reviews by public/audience to features to Course details, Track records and also editorial review and rating.



The project is named COACHING Search so you can visit this website every time when you need to find a coaching institute in your city. This website is a comprehensive directory of coaching classes in India and so it’s called WIKIPEDIA of Coaching Institutes in India.

Coaching Classes Web Directory
Coaching Classes Web Directory

So if you are looking to find the best coaching class where you should be just visit and get the all information you need about the coaching institute on your finger tips. And yes don’t ask superman which coaching you should be in ūüôā ever again.

Oops Bihar board result website failed again

Oops Bihar board result website failed again

Bihar education aka Bihar board examination results for 10 or matriculation were likely to be launched or uploaded today on website. Student’s waiting for their already delayed results are now feeling panic of finding there result. Our bihar examination board has done it again as of their process of providing contract for hosting result has already been questioned as of their capacity required for servers and the team to manage the traffic had failed all the time.

Bihar board result website
Bihar board result website

In very recent days when as per notification bihar board intermediate results were about to be published on the internet at their officially announced website crashed even before any body could have found there result on the website. Now lets do some analysis of the said website which crashed in fact it was suspended by the hosting provider.

Government release huge amount of money to host the result on website like above one, but you all will be amazed that the board itself or the agency who was about to host the result were using the very cheap shared hosting when there requirement was to look for VPS on cloud platform. You will put your nails between the teeth when amazing facts appeared when I investigated the story  about website the website hosting was bought from one of worst web hosting company in India as per my experience a company Called MANAS HOSTING. And perhaps you will cut your finger when you will know the server shared between different users and website was having 5000+ domains / website hosted on the same server at the time we investigated. At the moment this domain/web hosting account is been suspended due to heavy resource uses by company manas hosting.



After the discouraging news about the website intermediate result were re-published at new website the new website by the department or board. Students kept wondering for several days wasting their time and effort finding the website which was already under capacity again. Some how after long wait students were able to find the results.


The shame comes again now today as on 5th of the june matriculation exams were about to be launched on  this website it has crashed again there technician now seems to switch hosting as they have changed the name servers for the domain few minutes ago. Students will now also have to wait for there 10th board results.

Shame on the department they should do tendering to find good companies out there to manage or handle big data and traffic. I have been managing more than 5 VPS¬†servers to manage the load of our customers 500+ websites some with huge traffic as of is brand founded by me known for it’s promising web solutions including Cloud VPS cloud hosting . We are quite confident that government should short out these issues and


Free Wifi Internet in Patna, Bihar ! Is it a Joke?

Free Wifi Internet in Patna, Bihar ! Is it a Joke?

Hello everyone if you came to this article reading article’s title to find if the free wifi really a stuff you can use in patna in certain location or it’s just a joke for such a city where internet infrastructure (paid one) even is not at standard quality in terms of speed and availability.

Free WIFI Internet in Patna

Update 31st MAY: However the government of Bihar announced it’s trail run and highlighted that city has been enebled with the free wifi for users our team has noticed that the devices are been setup these days along side the road between bailey road patna to danapur side. Still we were unable to surf or find wifi hot spot in the road .

Hope very sooner we patnaite’s would be able to access the internet on the go while traveling or at parks in the area.

7 best ways to make people know about your website

7 best ways to make people know about your website

ways to promote your websiteAs a web developer and SEO guru I was always asked by my customers “Ok, I have my business website , how to let people know about it?“. ¬†When people ask me this question I answer them you have a car let people know take it to road, means in this sense you have got a nice business website let people see it (If you still don’t have a website get a¬†business website designed here). For this you need INTERNET Marketing to bring your website in-front of potential buyers or customers of your product or service.

This could be done in many ways these days. Here are some of effective way to get more and more potential visitors to your website that are worth less expensive and more effective:

1. Search Engine Marketing: These days as reports says more than 80 % of people search online about product and services before they buy it. These days more and more people are spending their time online they search for products and services and if your ad comes in-front of people who are searching for product or service you sell it’s more worthy to pitch right customer at the right time. So you can run advertisement campaigns on giant search engines like Google via Google Adwords program, and on BING and YAHOO Search via BING Ads. ¬†Generally you pay for clicks and visit to your website so it’s called PPC or pay per click advertisement.

2. Search Engine Optimization:¬†Another way to get seen in Search engine is via organic listing, organic listing is search results for that you don’t need to pay google or any search engine. Appearance of your site for certain keyword on first page is determined by the 100s of signals that influences your website ranking given by a search engine. Improving your website’s search engine ranking in organic results is know or called Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization is a time taking and consistent efforts of improving on page content quality & getting relevant back-links form popular websites.

3. Social Media Marketing:¬†Millions of people are now spending big portion of their online time on Social Network website’s like FACEBOOK, Google +, LinkedIN etc. you can target them their also via their advertising programs. These advertising programs are very cheaper and importantly most target-able to the audience group you want to reach.

4. Youtube Channels :  Oh yes YouTube has been proved for being the start-up ground for many stars like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and many other get popular over night or some day via Youtube. So like many company and artist doing right now get your stage at YouTube make your channel post some passionate videos like your composition, music, poem, testimonials of your clients, product demonstrations etc and get a boost to your online identity increasing brand trust.

5. Get involved in FORUMS, Blogs : You should also participate in forums related to your business or interest to connect with people and let them know your ideas or products. A free way to promote your business and yourself online. Also get a blog for yourself write short and informative articles to get found on search engines.

6. Local & B2B Portals: People also search some of popular B2B websites like IndiaMart, Justdial, Sulekha etc. get listed their all they come with a free and premium membership if you don’t want to try premium listing just at least get free space for your business.

7. Classifieds Ads Portal: Oh yes post your free ad to either buy or sell stuffs online get your business advertised among the peoples who visit the classifieds websites to buy or sell their things.  There are many websites which are popular in INDIA like , , etc.

So these are the best and cost effective ways to promote your business online and get your website found by millions of potential visitors. But besides of these their are also some more ways to do effective marketing one of them is E-Mail marketing I will be discussing about it in some next post. If you have any query or want to know more about any of the above ways to promote your business connect with Vivek Prismx the author of this post at facebook or drop a comment here.

Tips to Protect your WordPress website against global Attack

Tips to Protect your WordPress website against global Attack

Hi as you might have come to know that in last couple of days there is a major hacking attempt going on globally targeting WordPress sites. All the web hosting companies has issued ways tips and guidelines to protect wordpress installation from these  attacks. reputed web hosting company in Bihar have described the incident in his blog post about the nature of hacking attempts.


In the blog post at they have also provided the prevention attempt against these attempts.

To ensure that all your  websites are secure and safeguarded from this attack, I  recommend the following steps:

  1. Update and upgrade your wordpress installation and all installed plugins
  2. Install the security plugin listed here
  3. Ensure that your admin password is secure and preferably randomly generated
  4. Other ways of Hardening a WordPress installation are shared at

These additional steps can be taken to further secure wordpress websites:

  • Disable DROP command for the DB_USER .This is never commonly needed for any purpose in a wordpress setup
  • Remove README and license files (important) since this exposes version information
  • Move wp-config.php to one directory level up, and change its permission to 400
  • Prevent world reading of the htaccess file
  • Restrict access to wp-admin only to specific IPs
  • A few more plugins ‚Äď wp-security-scan, wordpress-firewall, ms-user-management, wp-maintenance-mode, ultimate-security-scanner, wordfence,¬†These may help in several occasions

Also, ¬†recommend using Cloudflare, which is available free with all our cPanel accounts, to¬†prevent the attack from affecting the functionality of your site. For any other assistance implementing the above security tweaks contact our support team. All customers website who have opted Webx99’s ¬†website package¬†are been implemented the above security¬† by our support team by default. For all customers without maintenance service or website package are recommended to do the above tasks by themselves to safe guard their website. If you have any questions regarding this you can personally ask me drop a comment here. Let’s safeguard the WORDPRESS powered websites.


Meet Adx9 & free classified portal from Webx99

Meet Adx9 & free classified portal from Webx99

Hello every body, I have been working for website design company which was founded by me and known as currently operates from Patna, Bihar. I was wondering for a long long time to develop and launch few utility web portals as I was getting little bored working for clients only. So from many of the ideas  I have launched two of the website portals from which I am going to introduce you.

Adx9: (

Adx9 Free CLassifieds is a quick and perfect way to advertise your products, services by placing your free classified ad at this website. Your ads are shown and responded by the thousands of visitor per month. provide you free and quick ads platform.

Both the websites are community driven where people submit listings that are useful for others in case of Discount Coupons & for seller and buyer in case of free classifieds advertisement portal at

I expect goodluck from you friends and my followers for the¬†success¬†of these website portals. In the coming months I will be launching an free online education portal for IT Students and all with brand name Code Acharya. Thanks for reading please don’t forget to drop your important comments.


CNLU Website Review, How successful website is?

CNLU Website Review, How successful website is?

Hello every body in day today life woking as a web developer and running a web design company in patna, I often come to websites that are made very un¬†professionally not in terms of design but usability, techniques & other aspects like security etc. I have decided to review few of website that need¬†attention by the developers so that the user of that¬†particular¬†website doesn’t always have to suck finding information.¬†¬†My intention behind this initiative is to spread¬†awareness and share my knowledge with others

Website of Chankaya National Law University, Patna
Website of Chankaya National Law University, Patna

Today I am going to review the official website of Chanakya National Law University, CNLU Bihar. I will discuss different aspects and describe that points that needs attention of admin of website. Review & Analysis done as the site appeared on 25th of Nov. 2012.


JOOMLA (CMS)  this is good part that university is using Joomla a popular cms to manage and update website content.

 DESIGN/ Layout:

Design is very basic and layout used is very unprofessional. Sitemap & alumni and many other menu has no active link.


Website’s is not properly optimised for seo as not sitemap and no keyword/ title / description is used for pages which are vital information for SEO friendly websites.

SPEED/ Load Time

Here website sucks and fails as tested with PINGDOM page load time test it shows that the home page is of approx 7mb in size which is worst for slower internet connection user in India  This is due to the un-optimised picture resolution used in slideshow and banners on home page & also in many other pages too.


As far our security test we recommend to upgrade to newer stable joomla 1.5 version or migrate to the latest release.

Over all this website needs attention by the admin to optimize pages and images on the site so that it loads faster and save bandwidth which is wasting at now. We rate this website overall with 5/10 .

The above rating and review is based on my personal view and experience with the website as a visitor and also as a website auditor. Thanks for reading hope the points I mentioned may attract some attention of the admin and the issues may be fixed sooner. You can follow me on social networks find me with my email address vivek.shs[at]

Asia’s Largest Web Hosting Summit Day 1 a big Success of RC Hosting Summit

Asia’s Largest Web Hosting Summit Day 1 a big Success of RC Hosting Summit

Hi all my friends and fans you might already have been knowing that I am here at Mumbai from last few days. I have came here at Mumbai all the way from Patna, Bihar to attend¬†Asia’s Largest Web Hosting Summit¬†hosted by ResellerClub in association with Verisign (.com & .net domain provider). This event is all focused on web hosting community in India to discuss and share the important facts and figures to the growing business opportunity in Web Presence business.

This Summit is a two day event I am writing this blog post just coming from the 1st day of this great event full of Knowledge, Networking & ya great party all together.

Bhavin Turakia in a Talk at RC Hosting Summit Day 1

At very first day their were many talk session by Resellerclub’s Bhavin Turakhia itself and also by¬†Google’s¬†Kartik Taneja,¬†Verisign’s¬†¬†Manish Dalal,¬†Microsoft’s ¬†Aviraj Ajgekar. These sessions really bring the latest buzz about the internet and Web.

I visited almost all the¬†exhibitor’s¬†desk and got comfortable discussion about their products and services and¬†yeah¬†also got free stuffs and discount coupons. I also shared my¬†web design¬†companies plans to sell¬†Domain Name,¬†Web Hosting¬†and¬†related¬†web Presence products via our Website internationally.

I meet with many of entrepreneurs and sme owners related to the same industry and shared our experiences among them.

We have been treated with awesome lunch & dinner that we really all have enjoyed. And at last but the¬†entertaining¬†part of the day 1 of this Hosting Event was the rocking party with several performances of International artists. They made us all their just dance on the DJ’s tracks.

Overall the Summit is very success full in terms of platform it provided to me as a Web & Internet related company, Data Center Owners, Web Designers and the huge crowd of geeks present at the Summit. It was just the first day of the event and the beginning of  this great Summit to the Web Development & Web Design Industry.

Do post your comments about this post and also you can¬†follow me on twitter¬†to catch¬†tomorrow’s¬†event updates.


Understand Types of Web Hosting, Web Hosting Comparison

Understand Types of Web Hosting, Web Hosting Comparison

Hi all my friends, fans & followers I know many of you understand web hosting services which is needed to host a website. Web hosting services enables your website to be served via web server which is kept at data centers. I know many of you are aware of different types of Web Hosting Services which is differentiated by the server availability, capacity, reliability & more properties.

Main Type of Web Hosting Service:

  • Shared Hosting (Most Popular, Cheaper less reliable For Small/ little traffic Website)
  • VPS Hosting¬†(Costly than Shared Hosting, more reliable than shared hosting, For¬†Medium Sized/¬†moderate traffic Websites)
  • Dedicate Hosting¬†(Much costly, for large¬†websites¬†with heavy traffic.)

Easily Understand Hosting Types via Following Info-graphic:

Types Of Web Hosting
Types Of Web Hosting

Now I believe you got the differences between Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting & Dedicated Hosting. I request you to drop your view about this article in comment as you know I love reading comments. Further if you own a domain name and need web hosting service to bring your website online, I recommend you to buy web hosting from Webx99 known best web hosting company in Patna Bihar since 2007.